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PC Blakelock's son Kevin: Killers 'shouldn't sleep well'

PC Blakelock's son Kevin says those responsible for his father's murder have nowhere to hide.

He said: “People who do horrific acts like this, should not be able to sleep well at night. They should always have a thought in their mind that justice will be served one day and the knock will come on the door.”

The family hope despite the passage of time that this new appeal for information will help to push the investigation forward. Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or theMetropolitan Police Incident Room - 020 8203 4617.

PC Blakelock's son Lee: 'Keith was a person' as well as an officer

PC Keith Blakelock's son Lee has said that the main point he wanted to get across in a rare television interview for the family was that his father "was a person".

He said: “Keith was a person. Yes he was a uniform and that’s what they attacked and they killed a police officer but he was a family man. I always wanted to join the police, since before my Dad died.

"It was something as a kid I always wanted to do. I’m immensely proud of taking over the mantle of PC Blakelock.”

Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the Metropolitan Police Incident Room - 020 8203 4617.


PC Blakelock's widow: Killers deprived sons of a father

In a rare television interview PC Keith Blakelock's widow, Elizabeth, has spoken of the torment caused by listening to evidence on how the officer was killed and said the attackers had deprived her sons of a father.

Elizabeth said: "You wouldn’t do that to an animal, let alone a human being. That human being was lying there begging you, please, begging you for his life. And still, you went at him with whatever implements, weapons. You’ve deprived these boys of a father. "

The family of PC Keith Blakelock have waited 29 years for justice and their wait goes on. Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the Metropolitan Police Incident Room - 020 8203 4617.

Met: 'No decision on charges against any individual' over Pc Blakelock murder

The Metropolitan Police has released a statement regarding the re-investigation into the murder of Pc Keith Blakelock:

The re-investigation into the murder of Pc Blakelock is ongoing.

Regular consultation with the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) has been taking place in relation to this case as is usual in all such investigations.

We have not reached a decision re. any charges against any individual.


Charge soon over Pc Blakelock Broadwater Farm murder

There are reports that police are about to bring murder charges over the killing of Pc Keith Blakelock during the Broadwater Farm riots in 1985.

The suspect, who was was under 18 at the time, will be prosecuted over his involvement in the unsolved murder, the Sunday Telegraph will report.

PC Keith Blakelock, 40, the police officer who was killed during the Broadwater Farm riot, in Tottenham, north London. Credit: PA

Sources told the newspaper that after looking at the evidence against the man, two QCs came to the conclusion that there was a good chance of a conviction - the obstacle which investigators must clear in order to get the support of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Although in an official statement Scotland Yard has stressed that no final decision had been made and that police are not yet ready to bring the charges.