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Former Conservative wins PCC election in Norfolk

A former Conservative has won the police and crime commissioner (PCC) election in Norfolk.

Stephen Bett was a Conservative Party member for 27 years. He served on Norfolk Police Authority for 16 years including six as chairman and also represented the Tories at county council level.

But earlier this year he resigned from the party and quit the county council whip to run as an independent candidate in Norfolk's PCC election.

For further analysis and reaction on this result visit ITV Anglia.

Ex-police commander and RAF officer among new PCCs

The Conservatives have won another Police and Crime commissioner election, this time in Cambridgeshire:


Graham Bright has been elected as the new police & crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire #MyPCC #PCC

Read more about him at ITV Anglia.

A retired RAF serviceman has become the Police and Crime commissioner for Leicestershire:


Clive Loader has been elected as the new police & crime commissioner for Leicestershire #MyPCC #PCC

There is more reaction at ITV Central.

A former Scotland Yard borough commander has been appointed the PCC for Surrey:


Kevin Hurley has been elected as the new police & crime commissioner for Surrey #MyPCC #PCC

There is more coverage of the PCC election in Surrey on ITV Meridian.


Ex-policing minister: Key test will be if PCCs cut crime

The former policing minister Nick Herbert, who oversaw the implementation of the concept of Police and Crime Commissioners, has tweeted 10 points about today's elections. They include:


3. Around 5m votes cast for PCCs. Each elected PCC will have more votes in numerical terms than any MP (obv constituencies are bigger).


9. Idea that turnout in first election is test of PCC policy is wrong - key test will be how successful PCCs will be, esp. in cutting crime


10. This reform is happening - police authorities are going & 41 PCCs taking over. Now we should focus on what the newly elected PCCs do.


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