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Former police officer wins Gwent PCC election

Former police officer Ian Johnston has stopped Labour taking Gwent in the police and crime commissioner elections.

Mr Johnston beat Labour's Hamish Sandison in the final round of counting and became Wales's second independent candidate to win in the polls.

Turnout across Gwent was 14.3% - and one of Newport's 100 polling stations had no voters at all yesterday.

Home Secretary 'disappointed' by PCC turnout

Home Secretary Theresa May insisted the Government had publicised the vote. She told the BBC:

I'm obviously disappointed in the turnout but these were first elections and first elections are always difficult.

I'm sure next time round we will see an increase in the turnout because next time round people will be used to the idea of police and crime commissioners, they'll have seen them in action and, of course, there will be an incumbent who will be challenged.

The Home Office, the Government did put out advertisements about the elections.


Police ballot: Results declared so far

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioner took place in 41 areas of England and Wales. These are the results so far:

  • WILTSHIRE: Angus MacPherson (Conservative)
  • NORTHUMBRIA: Vera Baird (Labour)
  • MERSEYSIDE: Jane Kennedy (Labour)
  • DYFED-POWYS: Christopher Salmon (Conservative)
  • NORTH YORKSHIRE: Julia Mulligan (Conservative)
  • DURHAM: Ron Hogg (Labour)
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