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No votes at Welsh polling station

One polling station for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections has received no votes at all. While turnout for Wales's four police forces ranged from 14.3% to 17.1%, one polling station in Newport didn't receive a single ballot paper for the Gwent Police Commissioner.

The Home Secretary insists the commissioners will have a mandate to act as the "voice of the people" Credit: Press Assocation

Newport Council has declined to name the polling station.


Bristol heading for major shock in mayoral race

Bristol is heading for a major shock with independent candidate George Ferguson ahead of Labour in the race to become the city's new directly-elected mayor:

  • Ferguson who ran as the Bristol 1st candidate polled 31,321 votes to Rees's 25,896 in the first round
  • Ferguson failed to secure the 50% he needed to win in the first round and is in a run-off with Rees for second-preference votes after the remaining 13 candidates were eliminated

Turnout was 27.92% with 90,273 people deciding between 15 candidates on the ballot paper.

Former Home Secretary: 'Crazy' to have police polls in November

The turnouts are lamentable but that is the fault of the Government for constructing them in this system in the first place. It was almost as if the Conservatives were embarrassed by the idea of having these polls. Well, some may say they have got what they wished for. It is no good saying we have got the idea established. This is a very poor start for these Police Commissioners, whichever party they come from... It was crazy to voluntarily choose mid-November for the election. It is cold, it is dark, the clocks have gone back.

– Former home secretary and Blackburn MP Jack Straw


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