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Abandoned Phoebe sniffs out a brighter future

The future is now looking bright for clever Phoebe Credit: BWY Canine

An 18-month-old spaniel abandoned in West Wales has found a new home - and a new job!

Phoebe ended up in an animal rescue shelter in Pembrokeshire after being kicked out by her owners, but is now being trained to detect counterfeit tobacco.

She will eventually work alongside UK-wide agencies fighting to tackle the problem.

Stuart Phillips from BWY Canine said: "Phoebe is a lovely dog and her life has changed completely. She has gone from being a dumped and unwanted dog to a dog with a job!

"With Christmas approaching, lots of people consider getting dogs to give as gifts - and in a lot of cases they end up being dumped. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas."

Commander pays tribute to 'one of the best'

The commanding officer of Ranger Michael Maguire, who was killed this week in Pembrokeshire during a live-firing exercise has paid tribute to him.

Major Richard Bell, Ranger Maguire's company commander, said:

One of our very best, his loss has devastated everyone who knew him.

Michael was always going to stand out from the crowd. Not only because he stood a towering 6ft 7in tall, but because of his vastly cheerful outlook on life, natural charisma and irrepressible good humour.

All of this ensured that he was extremely popular throughout the company and his loss is keenly felt.


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