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Ed Miliband: 'Free movement of workers in UK has to change'

Free movement of workers in the UK can't continue in its current state, according to Ed Miliband

The former Labour leader insisted that limits on the free movement of workers must be included in a single market Brexit deal with Brussels.

Asked whether the UK could carry on with its current approach to free movement, Miliband told Peston on Sunday he didn't believe so.

"If you are asking me should we carry on with free movement as was, I don't think we should", he said.

"I do think in the Brexit negotiations we have got to look for change in terms of free movement.

"One of the things from the referendum is that free movement cannot carry on exactly as it did before".

Government giving 'no coherent answers' on Brexit

Credit: Peston on Sunday

The Scottish Nationalist Party's Mhairi Black has accused the government of showing an "incredible lack of leadership" over Brexit and offering "no coherent details" over their their plans.

She said that the devolved administrations of Scotland and Wales had been treated in an "appalling" manner.

"We are no further forward in understanding what Brexit actually means, we are having no coherent or reasonable responses to the fact tat Scotland voted to remain within the EU," she told Peston on Sunday.

The government can't seem to answer very, very simple questions about access to the single market and things like that.

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