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Peter Bone: Cameron will fail in European negotiations

Peter Bone, a high profile Eurosceptic backbencher, tells ITVNews he thinks David Cameron will fail in his renegotiation with Europe.

What I want him to do is exactly what he says he's going to do, which is to hold the referendum by the end of 2017. He has also said he'd like to bring it forward if he can do that, that's great too.

I think he'll go to Europe, I think he'll negotiate very well, but I think he'll fail to get the British people want, not because of his efforts, but because what the European bureaucrats, they live on a different planet.

I'll campaign to stay out of the European super state.. we'll see what the British people decide.

– Peter Bone


Voters more concerned by 'the number of migrants'

Voters are more concerned by "the number of migrants coming" to the UK than they are by EU nationals moving to Britain to claim benefits, a leading Conservative backbench MP has told Good Morning Britain.

Peter Bone praised David Cameron's plans to block benefits to EU migrant workers for the first four years they were in the UK, but criticised the PM's plans for failing to tackle the root of the problem.

MP: Devolution bill needs to 'cover the whole of UK'

A devolution bill should "cover the whole of the UK" and not just provide more powers for the Scottish government, a leading backbench MP has told Good Morning Britain.

Conservative MP Peter Bone said it was "totally unacceptable" to have Scottish members voting on purely English affairs when English MPs were unable to do the same on matters north of the border.

Tory MP Peter Bone facing expenses probe

Peter Bone says he and his wife have endured 'trial by media' over his expenses. Credit: ITV News

A Conservative MP is being investigated by a Westminster standards watchdog over his expenses claims.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Hudson has launched an inquiry into Peter Bone's use of allowances related to his second home.

Wellingborough MP Mr Bone said he had done nothing wrong and had always sought approval from the authorities for his claims.

The inquiry comes just days after Maria Miller resigned as culture secretary following a row over claims made in relation to her second home.

MP Peter Bone: We have suffered trial by media

Conservative MP Peter Bone said he and his wife have suffered "trial by media" after the Crown Prosecution Service announced that the couple will not face any charges over fraud allegations.

Mr Bone said in a statement: "What has been so frustrating about this whole episode is that it has been going on for over a year, without an opportunity for us to clear our names. Recently, we have suffered trial by media."

File photo of Peter Bone Credit: ITV News

"One newspaper in particular has printed information that is incorrect and made allegations that are totally untrue," he went on. "It seems that certain newspapers feel able to print information that is without foundation, despite being told in advance that that information is factually incorrect."

"As we have done nothing wrong and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) only considered the evidence, not newspaper innuendo, we have been proven innocent," the 61-year-old added. "We are naturally delighted that this nightmare has now come to an end."


MP Peter Bone won't face any charges over fraud claims

The Crown Prosecution Service said there was "insufficient evidence" against Mr Bone and his wife.

Conservative MP Peter Bone and his wife will not face any charges over fraud allegations, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced.

Northamptonshire police investigated the Wellingborough MP and his wife over claims that assets belonging to his mother-in-law were concealed so Northamptonshire County Council would fund her care home fees.

The CPS said: "We have decided there is insufficient evidence to charge any criminal offence."

It explained: “The evidence showed: firstly that the woman’s mother considered the suspects' conduct to be acceptable; secondly that the suspects acted openly in declaring the sale of the mother’s house to the Council; thirdly that no element of dishonesty could be proved."

It added that there is an ongoing civil litigation case.

Tory MP denies care home benefit fraud claims

Conservative MP Peter Bone said allegations in relation to an inquiry into benefit fraud against his family are "without foundation."

The Times reported that the Wellingborough MP had been questioned as part of a inquiry into benefit claims to pay for the residential care of hie mother-in-law, Dorothy Sweeney. Anyone with assets over £23,250 is expected to pay their own care home fees.

The paper alleges Northampton County Council was not given accurate information about Mrs Sweeney's assets before paying benefits of around £100,000. Writing on Twitter, Mr Bone said:

Bone: Immigration 'number one issue' across UK

Immigration is the "number one issue" facing British people, a leading backbencher has said.

Peter Bone said immigration in his constituency was characterised by migrant workers from the European Union.

What it is to me is actually people coming in from the European Union, in my patch is what...the idea that they are black or something is ridiculous."

Peter Bone denied allegations the Immigration Bill would create disharmony and demonise British people of colour.

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