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Welby offers to discuss same-sex marriage with Tatchell

The newly-enthroned Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has offered to meet human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to discuss his views on same-sex marriage.

He thanked Mr Tatchell for his "very thoughtful letter" in which the campaigner criticised him as being "homophobic" for supporting a legal ban on same-sex marriage.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell commended the Archbishop for his swift response. Credit: Stephen Wilson/PA Wire

The Archbishop wrote, "It requires much thought and the points it makes are powerful. I would like to explain what I think to you without the mediation of the press, and listen to you in return”.

Mr Tatchell said he was "surprised and delighted" by the offer. “I commend Justin. His swift, personal reply is laudable, especially given how busy he is with his enthronement and with Easter next week", he added.

Tatchell: 'UK HIV strategy is failing gay and bisexual men'

Veteran LGBT activist Peter Tatchell has said that the UK government is failing gay and bisexual men on HIV.

In a statement Mr Tatchell said;

"Quite clearly, the UK government’s HIV strategy is flawed. It is failing gay and bisexual men. Ministers have dropped the ball. They’re complacent.

Moreover, too many gay and bisexual are not taking HIV seriously and not getting regular check ups."

Peter Tatchell Credit: PA

Mr Tatchell went on to say;

"We can’t carry on with the current rate of new gay and straight HIV infections. It’s straining the NHS during a period of austerity and, more importantly, turning too many people’s lives upside down."