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Hammond expects a 'long struggle' against IS in Iraq

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said he expects the response to Islamic State to be a "long struggle against a poisonous ideology".

He said the military dimension of the conflict was just one part of the counter-attack, which he said is also financial and ideological.

ITV News' International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar began by asking him whether Parliament would be consulted in advance of any military action:


Hammond not ruling out UK trainers on ground in Iraq

The Government would consider sending British forces to Iraq in a training capacity but not for combat roles, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has told ITV News.

He said he believed Iraqi forces lacked "technical support, surveillance, intelligence, air cover and in some cases weapons and ammunition" rather than manpower.

Hammond: EU resolution to target 'individual terrorists'

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that the UK is taking a lead in preparing an EU resolution that will condemn ISIL, seek to freeze asset flows and take steps against individual terrorist and their facilitators.

He said EU member states were committed to "pushing back against the threat from ISIL - a threat to civilization, a threat to the region and a threat to us here in Europe."


Philip Hammond to chair COBR meeting on Iraq

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will chair a meeting of the COBR emergency committee this afternoon, Downing Street has announced.

Hammond dodges air strikes question ahead of Cobra

The Foreign Secretary dodged a question on US air strikes in Iraq as he arrived at Downing Street for a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee.

As a journalist called out, "Do you support the air strikes?" Philip Hammond responded, "Morning".

The Cobra meeting, which is chaired by Mr Hammond, is under way.

Hammond: Ceasefire collapse is 'extremely depressing'

The quick breakdown of the ceasefire in Gaza is "extremely depressing," according to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, but he said that ending suffering remained the top priority.

He said: "Diplomacy is never dead. We have always got to keep trying but it is obviously extremely depressing that this ceasefire that we've all worked so hard to get broke down so quickly."

UK wants to impose sanctions on Putin's 'cronies'

Britain wants to impose sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin's "cronies" in response to the country's response over the MH17 air disaster, Philip Hammond said.

The new Foreign Secretary said: "The cronies of Mr Putin and his clique in the Kremlin are the people who have to bear the pressure.

"If the financial interests of the group around the leadership are affected, the leadership will know about it."

He added: "We are looking at individuals who contribute to, in one way or another, the regime in the Kremlin and its interference in Ukraine and Crimea or who have benefited from the decisions and actions of that regime."

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