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Two dead and thousands homeless after Philippines typhoon

At least two people have died and more than 16,000 have been displaced after Typhoon Koppu smashed into the northeastern Philippines, destroying homes and crops.

10,000 people are believed to have been displaced by the typhoon Credit: RTV
Homes have been destroyed Credit: RTV
The typhoon toppled trees and damaged houses Credit: RTV
Homes were raised to the ground Credit: RTV


Typhoon Koppu smashes into the Philippines

The powerful typhoon Koppu smashed into the northeastern Philippines before dawn destroying homes and displacing 10,000 people and whipping up coastal surges four metres high, disaster agency officials said.

Typhoon Koppu smashes into the Philippines. Credit: Reuters

Koppu dumped heavy rain, causing flooding and damaging roads and bridges, and toppled power and communication lines.

Typhoon Koppu hits the Philippines

Typhoon Koppu has hit the northeastern Philippines, displacing up to 10,000 people, toppling trees and knocking out power and communications.

The typhoon toppled trees and damages houses in its path Credit: APTN

Disaster agency officials said there were no reports of casualties, but blocked roads were making it difficult for emergency services to reach isolated villages.

Many families have been forced to seek refuge from the typhoon in temporary accommodation. Credit: APTN

Koppu is forecast to remain over the main island of Luzon for three days due to high pressure in the north and another typhoon in the northwest Pacific.

"There are still no reports of casualty, thank God," Alexander Pama, executive director of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said.

"Initially, we are getting many houses were destroyed, power lines toppled and trees blocking major roads."


Philippine ferry crew charged with multiple murder

The ferry capsized three days ago. Credit: Reuters

Police in the Philippines have filed multiple murder charges against the owner and crew of a ferry that capsized shortly after pulling out of port, leaving more than 50 dead.

Regional coastguard commander Pedro Tinampay said at least 59 people died, while 145 survived, including all 18 crew members.

This man said his pregnant wife and two children were missing. Credit: Reuters

An investigation has now begun to determine exactly how many people were aboard the vessel.

The ferry was carrying heavy construction materials and bags of rice.

It is thought movement of cargo inside the hold could have contributed to the accident.

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At least 36 dead after ferry capsizes near Philippines

The ferry sinks near Ormoc City Credit: RTV

At least 36 people died when a ferry capsized near the Philippines, according to local media.

The boat, carrying 173, overturned near the pier at Ormoc City. Many survivors have been taken to hospital.

118 people have been rescued, while another 19 are still missing.

"Search and rescue operations are ongoing. Initially we learned that it was due to big waves," said Rey Gozon, director of the office of civil defence for the region.

Scores, sometimes hundreds, of people die each year in ferry accidents in the Philippines, an archipelago of 7,100 islands with a notoriously poor record for maritime safety. Overcrowding is common, and many of the vessels are in bad condition.

Rescuers work to save stranded passengers Credit: RTV

Death toll of Philippines factory fire rises to 72

The death toll of a blaze which ripped through a flip flop factory in the Philippines has risen to 72, firefighters have revealed.

A welding machine is believed to have caused the blaze, giving off sparks which set chemicals alight Credit: Reuters

Police in the country believe the fire, at a rubber slipper factory in Manila, began when chemicals near the main entrance set alight thanks to sparks from a welding machine, triggering a huge explosion.

The fire has renewed concerns about health and safety standards, which have been a key focus of President Benigno Aquino's time in office.

Between 200 and 300 workers were inside the footwear factory, which manufactured on behalf of Kentex Manufacturing Inc, at the time of the fire.

A total of 72 bodies have been removed from the factory so far Credit: Reuters

Acting director of the Philippine National Police, Leonardo Espina, said specialist arson investigators were on the scene, and vowed there would be action against those responsible.

Definitely there will be charges here, because people died. Regardless of whether it was an accident or arson, people died.

We are just determining what exactly happened so that we can clearly define what charges to file.

– Leonardo Espina, Philippine National Police

Fire at Philippines rubber factory kills 45, 26 still missing

Inside the gutted footwear factory in Valenzuela, Metro Manila Credit: Reuters

A fire at a rubber slipper factory in the Philippines has killed 45 people, with 26 workers still missing.

The two-storey factory in the capital Manila is owned by Kentex Manufacturing Inc, which makes flip-flops and slippers.

Rexlon Gatchalian, mayor of Valenzuela city in Manila, said he was hoping some of the missing workers, most of whom were trapped by flames and thick black smoke, had managed to escape the blaze.

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