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Poulter: It's important we learn lessons from PIP scandal

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter has said it is important lessons are learnt from the PIP scandal. He said - following Sir Bruce Keogh's review - there were a number of recommendations that will be introduced to improve the cosmetic industry.

Among them will be a national register logging every breast implant operation carried out in England.

Breast implant registration 'must be compulsory'

The Government's proposals to introduce a national register for breast implant operations has been welcomed by the president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

PIP breast implants Credit: Guibbaud Christophe/ABACA/Press Association

Rajiv Grover said: "We are thoroughly relieved that the Government has seen the light in terms of the importance of reinstating the implant register - but the system must be made compulsory, otherwise it is a waste of time.

"Whilst independent consultants and many reputable groups were able to easily contact their patients during the PIP implant crisis, the scandal shone a light on shoddy record-keeping from many corners of the sector;

" A centralised and comprehensive database is well overdue and essential for the public's safety and peace of mind."


Cosmetics cowboys will have 'nowhere to hide'

The Government will take "robust action" to clamp down on "cosmetic cowboys" under new plans to register breast implants for operations. Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter said:

For too long, the cosmetics industry has been completely unregulated and there are too many tales of women who have been exploited and of lives ruined by rogue cosmetic firms and practitioners.

We will also be outlining rigorous plans to clamp down on irresponsible cosmetics advertising. For the cosmetic cowboys, be it on the high street, or in the operating theatre, there will be nowhere to hide.

'Aggressive marketing' of breast implants to be banned

The type of implant a woman is given will be recorded in a new breast implant register under new Government plans, after tens of thousands of women received faulty implants in the PIP scandal.

In further measures, to be announced when Parliament returns in the new year, there will be a ban on aggressive marketing techniques such as offering breast implants as competition prizes, two-for-one offers - so-called "mother and daughter deals" - and time-limited offers.

Training will also be improved, with the Royal College of Surgeons establishing new qualifications and standards for cosmetic surgery. Surgeons will be required to have professional indemnity.

Breast implant ops to be registered after PIP case

A national register logging every breast implant operation carried out in England is to be established in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the scandal in which tens thousands of women received faulty implants, ministers have said.

PIP implants Credit: PA

The Government has accepted the majority of the recommendations of a review carried out by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director, following the disclosure that the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) had been manufacturing implants using industrial grade silicone.

Almost 50,000 women in the UK and some 400,000 worldwide were affected by the scandal which came to light two years ago when doctors found unexpectedly high numbers of women were suffering from ruptured implants.


Implant patient 'disgusted' over PIP firm boss sentence

In Implant patient said she was disgusted over the four year sentence handed down to Jean-Claude Mas, the boss of a French company which sold 300,000 faulty PIP breast implants.

Leesa Goodway from Wickwar, South Gloucestershire, said: "I think it is disgusting when you think about the number of people that were affected by this.

"You've got the health issues, the mental issues, the financial burden, not just on the people who were forced to pay to have a replacement, like myself, [but also] the financial burden on the companies.

"I just don't think the sentence of four years equates to the distress, and all the heartache that was caused by someone basically profiteering and trying to make money."

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Five executives sentenced for faulty PIP implants

Four other executives responsible for selling PIP breast implants, were sentenced alongside the company's founder and long-time chief executive Jean-Claude Mas.

The four received sentences between one and a half and three years in prison, some of it suspended, and ordered to pay fine.

"It's a strong signal. This decision is what victims were waiting for," said one of their lawyers, Philippe Courtois.

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Victims and activists react to PIP implants verdict

Women who were sold faulty PIP breast implants took to Twitter to express their feelings after a court in Marseille sentenced Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of the French company accused of selling the implants, to four years in prison.


Jean Claude Mas founder of PIP breast implants. GUILTY..4 YEARS AN MORE CHARGES TO COME!! Justice served!!!


Disgrace #PIP #mas 4 years and 63k really didn't know he had any money left !!! 4years and we get a lifetime of doubt over us

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