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Pippa Middleton gives first ever TV interview

Pippa Middleton has filmed her first ever TV interview with US network The Today Show.

In a teaser video featuring the Duchess of Cambridge's 30-year-old sister, host Matt Lauer billed the hour-long interview as a preview of "what it's like to be Pippa."

Lauer joked that he had to fly to London to speak to the party planner, with Middleton replying: "I hate to say it but I was actually in America last week," laughing as she added, "Sorry."

The interview, which will be aired in two parts on Monday and Tuesday next week, will also cover Middleton's recent 3,000-mile charity bike ride across the US.

William attends close friend's wedding without Kate

The Duke of Cambridge attends the wedding James Meade and Lady Laura Marsham at her family home in Gayton, Norfolk. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

The Duke of Cambridge attended the wedding of his close friend James Meade to Lady Laura Marsham without his wife or son today.

Prince Harry attends the wedding James Meade and Lady Laura Marsham. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

However, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton were among the guests at the wedding in Gayton, Norfolk.

Pippa Middleton was among the guests at the parish church of St Nicholas in Gayton, near Kings Lynn. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

They were taken by tractor trailer to the church ahead of the bride, who walked from the neighbouring country home of her father, Julian Marsham, the 8th Earl of Romney, who was at her side.

Lady Laura Marsham walked from the country home of her father, Julian Marsham the 8th Earl of Romney. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire


Pippa accuses Boris of running scared over ping-pong

Pippa Middleton has accused the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, of being scared of their ping-pong match.

Mr Johnson had accepted her challenge in April and had admitted to being "very nervous."

File picture of Boris Johnson playing table tennis. Credit: PA Wire

But she has written in The Spectator: "Team Johnson insisted that the match should be held at a venue of their choosing.

"I said by all means. And then — nothing.

"The Spectator has tried to follow up, but now it’s radio silence from the Mayor’s office. Is Boris scared or what? He should be."

Middleton recalls Wimbledon embarrassment

Pippa Middleton pictured with her brother James. Credit: Corinne Dubreuil /ABACA

Pippa Middleton has revealed how she was left embarrassed at Wimbledon after her father mistakenly cheered on Pete Sampras instead of British hopeful Tim Henman.

Writing for magazine Vanity Fair, she said: "When Tim Henman walked on to the court, the crowd cheered him, and as he walked near our seats my dad mistakenly yelled 'Come on Pete'."

Ms Middleton also recalled queuing for the Championships with her older sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, on People's Sunday in 2004 to get £35 Centre Court tickets.

Duchess of Cambridge's siblings at Wimbledon

Pippa and James Middleton in the Royal Box at Centre Court Credit: Adam Davy/PA Wire.

Pippa and James Middleton are watching the tennis at Wimbledon from in the Royal Box on Centre Court during day one of competition.

The brother and sister settle in to watch the tennis on Centre Court Credit: Adam Davy/PA Wire.
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