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  1. Chris Ship

Prime Minister's Questions: Five things we can learn

Five things we can learn from today's Prime Minister's Questions:

1 - MPs can be very loud - this was perhaps the noisiest session I have ever heard.

2 - Ed Miliband is trying very hard to get on the front foot over party funding after a terrible week

David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions today Credit: PA Wire

3 - David Cameron is still attempting to insert an answer on unions bankrolling Labour - no matter what the question

4 - Labour are now targeting the hedge funds they claim are funding the Tories

5 - People in the country might think there are more important issues to discuss during PMQs



PM probed on 'stalking horse found in Tory food chain'

Labour MP Alex Cunningham caused raucous laughter during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons today, by asking David Cameron:

"On food safety, can the PM confirm that traces of stalking horse have been found in the Conservative Party food chain?"

Mr Cameron admitted the "ingenious" question had "thrown him completely."

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