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Rhino with hacked horn found in South African park

Horrified tourists on safari in South Africa discovered a mutilated rhino wandering around what is supposed to be a nature reserve whilst on holiday last week. The rhino, seen stumbling and bleeding around Kruger National Park, was filmed by the visitors.

South Africa earlier in the year warned that rhino poaching increased 50% last year, due to growing demand from Asia.

The film, shot on February 28, shows the animal swaying with blood streaming from where its horn has been hacked off. It was put down shortly after being discovered, the Daily Mail reports, as it was in agony.

Reynold Thakhuli from South African National Parks told the Daily Mail:

"An assessment was conducted to determine the extent of the injuries and suffering. It was discovered that a bullet had lodged in the rhino’s brain and therefore any chance of survival was slim".

Warning: Viewers may find this footage distressing

Conservationists are warning that the rise in poaching, to meet demand for rhino horn in China and Vietnam in particular, are bring South Africa's rhino population to the "tipping point" of extinction.

Prince William meets Jackie Chan at conservation event

The Duke of Cambridge meets actor Jackie Chan. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The Duke of Cambridge has hailed tomorrow's major international summit on the trafficking of endangered wild animals as the "beginning of the end of this despicable trade".

Speaking at a Natural History Museum reception attended by conservation charities, philanthropists and leading wildlife campaigners Prince William said:

"Tonight we are here with a single, shared purpose - to use our collective influence to put a stop to the illegal killing and trafficking of some of our world's most iconic and endangered species."

During the event William met one of the world's biggest action movie actors Jackie Chan who is in London to launch an anti-poaching video for the organisation WildAid of which he is an ambassador.


Prince hunting before wildlife speech just 'poor PR'

Prince William's decision to go hunting in Spain shortly before he makes a speech at a conservation conference is just 'poor PR' and should not distract from the major issues, an expert has told Daybreak.

Will Travers from the Born Free Foundation said hunting and poaching "were not the same thing", with the latter being a "£12bn international illegal wildlife trade".

William to speak at endangered species conference

Prince William will give a speech tonight to mark the imminent start of an international conference that aims to tackle the threat to the world's endangered animals.

Princes Charles and William called on the world to act to save endangered species in a video message. Credit: .

William will make an address at a Natural History Museum reception as world figures prepare to discuss ways of saving animals like elephants, rhinos and tigers tomorrow.

His father Prince Charles will give a speech at the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade being hosted by the Government at Lancaster House on Thursday. William will also attend and it will be hosted by the Prime Minister.

William has joined forces with the Prince of Wales to record a video message calling on the world to act now to save endangered animals.

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