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Ukraine-Poland border crossings 'functioning normally'

All border crossings between Poland and Ukraine are clear after road blockades on the Ukrainian side were lifted, the Polish border guard service has said.

Ukrainians had blocked some roads leading up to crossings earlier in the week as part of widespread protests against their government, raising fears in Poland the unrest could hurt trade.

"There are no more blockades. All crossings with Ukraine are functioning normally," guards' spokeswoman Joanna Rokicka told Reuters.


Rare white lioness gives birth to triplets

The owner of a private zoo in central Poland is counting himself extremely lucky after a rare white lioness gave birth to triplets.

It is unusual in itself for white lions to become mothers as they often have defects that prevent them giving birth, or they may reject the cubs.

The white lion is a rare colour mutation of the Kruger subspecies of African lion found in some wildlife reserves in South Africa and in zoos around the world.

Two Polish shoplifters who stole at UK airports jailed

Two Polish shoplifters who repeatedly flew into British airports purely to steal duty free perfumes have been jailed.

Pawel Lenard, 35, and Magdalena Rezler, 34, used cheap Ryanair flights to visit Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow before returning to Poland.

(Left to right) Magdalena Rezler and Pawel Lenard jailed for stealing duty free at British airports. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police /PA

CCTV images twice caught married father-of-one Lenard and mother-of-one Rezler, pulling dozens of boxes of luxury perfumes such as Chanel into baskets. Officers discovered 40 boxes of perfume, worth £2,638.40, in their suitcases. Both later admitted two counts of theft.

The judge sentenced both to two months in prison but acknowledged they had already spent a month in custody after being arrested - and would probably be released instantly.

Downing Street dismisses call for Tesco boycott

Downing Street has dismissed calls for a boycott of British retailer Tesco after David Cameron said he wanted to stop Polish migrants sending home child benefits.

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Jan Bury, leader of Poland's junior coalition party said Cameron's policies were "unfriendly and scandalous" towards Poles.

"As Poles, we can also say 'no' to prime minister Cameron and his policies. We call on Poles to boycott British retailer Tesco."

Mr Cameron's official spokesman dismissed the calls as electioneering. He said:

"I have seen reports about that sort of thing. There are elections going on in Poland at the moment."

More: PM 'not conducting debate in manner Poles approve of'

PM 'not conducting debate in manner Poles approve of'

by - Political Editor

The temperature rather ratcheted up earlier today when the Polish prime minister in a press conference said that he was speaking to Mr Cameron at the Prime Minister's request and he expected it to be a rather unpleasant conversation because he was very angry.

As you'd expect, the read out afterwards is a little bit more temperate than that - I don't think either side wants a full-blown diplomatic incident on this issue.

Read: Polish PM says governments 'cannot stigmatise any national group'

That said, I don't think there's any doubt that the Polish prime minister is pretty angry - he feels that his countrymen come here, they work hard, they pay taxes and he thinks it is very, very unfair to stigmatise them.

Read: Cameron 'makes views clear' with Polish PM

Of course, this is a complex issue. He feels that Mr Cameron is saying what he is saying entirely for domestic political consumption, and the reality of this situation is that the freedom of movement of people to work is an absolute founding principle of modern Europe.

The question of benefits is a different one, and I think that even the Polish think that is a fair subject of debate, but there's no doubt tonight that Mr Cameron is not conducting the debate in a manner that they approve of.

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Polish PM: Govts 'cannot stigmatise any national group'

The Polish prime minister has told David Cameron that governments "cannot stigmatise any national group and must respect European law".

Donald Tusk's office described a phone conversation between the pair this afternoon as "an open and frank exchange of views".

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Credit: Olivia Harris/PA Wire

It said Mr Cameron explained he had not intended to stigmatise Polish people who work in the UK when he made comments about child benefits payments to migrants.

But Mr Tusk was said to have told the Prime Minister that Poland could not accept such statements, regardless of their original intentions.

Read: Cameron 'makes views on child benefits clear' with Polish PM

Cameron 'makes views clear' with Polish PM

David Cameron and the Polish prime minister have agreed to hold further discussions on the impact of EU free movement on child benefit payments.

The Prime Minister called Donald Tusk this afternoon "to discuss co-operation on a range of bilateral and EU issues", Downing Street said:

The Prime Minister made clear his long-standing view, reiterated in recent days, that the lack of transitional controls for new EU member states in 2004 was the wrong approach and had put pressure on local communities; and that we need to address the impact on countries’ benefits systems, including for example paying child benefit to families living abroad.

– Downing Street statement

How PM's comments are being covered in Polish press

This is how the Prime Minister's comments on restricting child benefits for Polish migrants in the UK is playing out in the Polish press:

  • The mass-circulation Gazeta Wyborcza says that Cameron's comments have caused an "uproar" and that any savings made by denying Polish migrants child benefits would be "negligible"
  • The Warsaw Voice reports that Poland's main opposition party, Law and Justice, could pull out of a coalition of euroskeptic members of the European Parliament - which includes Tories - in protest at David Cameron's comments.
  • An opinion piece in the Warsaw Business Journal says that Cameron is seeking to weaken one of Europe's founding principles - the free movement of people.

What the Prime Minister said to outrage Polish PM

The Prime Minister has caused a political storm in Poland by saying it is "wrong" for migrants working in the UK to claim benefits for children living in their home country.

In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, he said:

It's a situation that I inherited. I think you can change it, I think it will take time because we either have to change it by getting agreement with other European countries, and there are European countries who, like me, think it's wrong that someone from Poland who comes here and works hard - and I'm absolutely all in favour of that - but I don't think we should be paying child benefit to their family back at home.

– prime minister david cameron

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