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Police Tasers drawn on more than 400 children in 2013

A Taser X26 model Credit: Reuters

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has called for a review of the use of Taser stun guns after figures showed they police aimed the weapons on more than 400 children in 2013.

Some 431 children had a taser drawn against them in 2013, up 37% on 2012, Home Office data showed.

The youngest person to have a Taser drawn against them was 11 while the youngest person fired on was 14, the figures obtained by the BBC showed.

Meanwhile the oldest person to have one drawn at them was 85 and the oldest person fired on was 82.

Mr Blunkett, who was in office when the use of Tasers by the police was authorised, told the BBC: "This is a moment, perhaps, to take a step back and to get chief constables and police and crime commissioners together across England and Wales and to say to them, 'Perhaps we can take a further look at who is authorised, in what circumstances, and whether there are alternatives that can be used'.

"I think it's time for a review that incorporates the use of Tasers with advice and support on how to deal with difficult situations.

"For a youngster, 11 years old, a Taser is not in my view an appropriate way of dealing with a situation which clearly must have been out of hand, but where we need to train people to use much more traditional alternatives."

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