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Bomb threats made at four schools in Cornwall

Pupils at four schools in Cornwall were evacuated this morning after a series of bomb threats at around 8am.

Police are not releasing the names of the schools in the Truro, St Ives and Penzance areas as they investigate.

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At around 8am today, Tuesday, January 26, 2016, four secondary schools in Truro, St Ives and Penzance, received calls suggesting a potential security threat.

As a result, all four schools self-evacuated.

By 9am, following police attendance and immediate enquiries, there was quickly found to be no threat and no risk to any children or staff.

Enquiries are continuing into the matter.

– Devon and Cornwall police

The calls were made at around the same time six schools in the West Midlands and four schools in London received similar threats.

A West Midlands Police said there was "no credible threat" to schools in the region and linked them to hoax threats made to two schools in Sandwell and Dudley last week.

Pupils evacuated at six West Midlands schools over 'bomb threats'

Bomb threats were made to six schools in the West Midlands this morning in what police believe to be a series of hoaxes.

Oldbury Academy in Sandwell Credit: Google Maps

West Midlands Police is investigating the threats but said in a statement that "intelligence experts insisted there was no credible threat".

At least one school - Oldbury Academy in Sandwell - send pupils home and has said it will remain closed until tomorrow.

The police said today's calls, which were made in quick succession at around 9am, "mirror" similar threats made to Oldbury Academy and Bristnall Hall last week.

Similar calls took place this morning at four schools in London, which evacuated pupils, and at around 8am bomb threats were made to four schools in Cornwall.

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