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Lottery queue good deed may prove costly for woman

An 84-year-old woman has won $590.5 million in Florida Powerball lottery with a Quick Pick (lucky dip) ticket - after a stranger allowed her to jump in front of them in the queue.

Mindy Crandell told NBC News that she believes she could have been the person who let Gloria Mackenzie enter the queue in front of her.

"I turned around and there was a lady standing there, and she looked at me when the lady had said 'next' and I said just go ahead it's no big deal".

Lucky dip ticket scoops woman $590.5m lottery jackpot

A Quick Pick (lucky dip) ticket purchase has led to an 84-year-old woman scooping $590.5 million in Florida's Powerball lottery.

Gloria Mackenzie matched all six winning numbers in the multi-state Powerball draw on 18 May, after a stranger allowed her to go ahead of them in the queue at a local grocery store.

Gloria Mackenzie is the largest sole jackpot winner in US lottery history.