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William to speak at endangered species conference

Prince William will give a speech tonight to mark the imminent start of an international conference that aims to tackle the threat to the world's endangered animals.

Princes Charles and William called on the world to act to save endangered species in a video message. Credit: .

William will make an address at a Natural History Museum reception as world figures prepare to discuss ways of saving animals like elephants, rhinos and tigers tomorrow.

His father Prince Charles will give a speech at the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade being hosted by the Government at Lancaster House on Thursday. William will also attend and it will be hosted by the Prime Minister.

William has joined forces with the Prince of Wales to record a video message calling on the world to act now to save endangered animals.


Prince Charles to make four-day visit to the Middle East

The visit to Saudi Arabia will be Prince Charles's 10th official trip to the country since he first toured the nation in 1986. Credit: Press Association

The Prince of Wales is to make official visits to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Clarence House has announced.

Prince Charles's four-day trip to the Middle East will begin next Monday and comes just under a year since he last toured the two nations.

Sir John Jenkins, the UK's ambassador to Saudi Arabia said: "At a time of enormous turmoil and human agony in the Middle East, seen today perhaps most acutely in Syria, the Prince's advocacy of interfaith understanding and dialogue between communities is needed more than ever", he added.

Nick Hopton, the UK's ambassador to Qatar, said: "This is an opportunity to showcase the strong ties between the UK and Qatar, which we value greatly.

Charles: We must treat illegal wildlife trade as a battle

In a joint video appeal with his son William, Prince Charles said that the illegal wildlife trade now poses "a grave threat" to both endangered species and economic and political stability.

I have said before that we must treat the illegal wildlife trade as a battle, because it is precisely that.

The rising and apparently insatiable demand, much of it from Asia, has provided an economic incentive for trafficking to become increasingly criminalised and professional.

Organised bands of criminals are stealing and slaughtering elephants, rhinoceros and tigers, as well as large numbers of other species, in a way that has never been seen before, pushing many species to the brink of extinction.

– The Prince of Wales


Prince Charles & Prince William appeal to end poaching

Prince Charles and Prince William have released a video appeal to end the illegal wildlife trade, in a bid to save endangered species from extinction.

Prince Charles and Prince William released a video appeal to end the illegal wildlife trade Credit: ITV News

In the video, Prince Charles describes the illegal wildlife trade as a "battle" and attacks an "apparently insatiable demand" for endangered animals.

The pair recorded the video appeal in six different languages.

William and Harry 'off to hunt wild boar in Spain'

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have reportedly gone hunting in Spain - a day before William and his father, the Prince of Wales, call on the world to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

A royal spokesman would not confirm what the princes do in their private time. Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Yates/Pool

The royal brothers are set to hunt wild boar and stags on a private estate, according to The Sun.

In a video message due to be broadcast tomorrow, Charles and William will call on people to act now to save endangered animals like rhinos, elephants and tigers.

A royal spokesman told ITV News they would "never" confirm what the princes do in their private time. He added:

"The Duke of Cambridge has for many years been a passionate advocate for endangered wildlife and has campaigned tirelessly to help stop the illegal poaching of rhino horn and elephant tusk. His track record in this area speaks for itself."

Pickles 'entirely agrees' with Charles' flood criticism

The Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said he "entirely agreed" with Prince Charles's criticism about authorities' response to the floods.

He said: "I think people were surprised...but as soon as were alerted by the authorities we acted promptly."

However, Mr Pickles would not be drawn in to if it were the Government or the Environment Agency who 'took so long' to react to the floods.

Earlier this week Prince Charles said the "tragedy" in flood-hit Somerset "is that nothing happened for so long" to help as he met local residents, farmers and emergency services personnel who have been affected.

Prince Charles get his nose tweaked by toddler

The Prince of Wales's nose proved an irresistible attraction to a toddler whose parents endured watching their home burn to the ground during the Tottenham riots.

Charles returned to the scene of the major disturbance to learn how the area is recovering.

The Prince of Wales meets husband and wife Mehmet and Burcin Akbasak and their twin daughters Kayla and Lara, aged 12 months. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The heir to the throne shared a lighter moment with husband and wife Mehmet and Burcin Akbasak - who lost their home when rioters set fire to the Carpetright building and flats above.

The dramatic pictures of the Tottenham landmark glowing red hot became a iconic image of the August 2011 riots.

Prince Charles visited Tottenham today to see how the area was recovering from the London riots. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

In the shadow of the rebuilt building, Charles sympathised with Mr Akbasak and his wife - who are originally from Turkey - as the couple held their twin daughters Kayla and Lara aged 12 months.

Kayla reached out and made a grab for the prince's nose and he leant forward and happily let the toddler play with his face.Mr Akbasak, 33, said: "Both my daughters are friendly but Kayla was quite interested in the prince and they shared a nice moment."

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