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Maori warriors greet Charles and Camilla in New Zealand

Prince Charles and Camilla are greeted by a Maori warrior Credit: PA

Fearsome warriors greeted the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall with a spectacular haka during a welcome ceremony to the home of the Maori nation.

Charles and Camilla were celebrated by their hosts at the royal riverside residence of Kiingi Tuheitia.

Prince of Wales Credit: Reuters

The couple arrived at the complex wearing korowai, cloaks made of kiwi feathers, that had been given to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in 1953.

The royal couple have since continued to Auckland where they plan to spend the afternoon before leaving the country on Wednesday ending their seven-day tour.

Prince Charles 'black spider' letters can be made public

Prince of Wales Credit: PA Wire

The Supreme Court has ruled a series of letters written by the Prince of Wales to government ministers can be published.

The decision overturns an earlier ruling made by the Attorney General, which was upheld by the High Court, preventing the publication of the so-called 'Black Spider' memos.

Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger said there was a "fundamental composite principle" behind the court's reasons for dismissing the appeal.

He announced: "That principle is that a decision of a judicial body should be final and binding and should not be capable of being overturned by a member of the executive."

A Freedom of Information Tribunal had ruled in 2012 that the letters, so named after the Prince's distinctive handwriting and abundant use of underlining and exclamation marks, could be published but the Attorney General had prevented the publication.

Prince Charles 'avoids question' on Putin Hitler remark

The Prince of Wales has appeared to ignore a question on recent reported comments comparing Russian president Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

A reporter asked: "What do you make of Mr Putin's comments about you today?" A spokeswoman for the Prince of Wales declined to comment on Mr Putin's criticism.

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