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Students claim assault ahead of royal visit

Two university students have claimed they were "assaulted" by staff and detained for nearly six hours by police ahead of a visit by the Princess Royal.

Hona-Luisa Cohen-Fuentes and Euan Kidston claimed they were studying in the University of Edinburgh on Tuesday when they were "roughly seized" by staff and told: "We have someone really important coming here, we can't have the likes of you roaming around."

The incident occurred in Old College, Edinburgh University. Credit: PA

The students allege they were then prevented from leaving by staff who said they "could be any random scum off the street".

University chiefs say the students "could not provide a satisfactory explanation" for their presence in a restricted area, which was being prepared for Anne's visit.

Princess Anne carried out a series of engagements on Tuesday as chancellor of the university. Credit: PA

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "During a security check at an Edinburgh University venue two people were found within a restricted area and were subsequently detained. They were later released without charge."


Wrong weather for Antarctic exploration

Actors dressed in the furs that Scott and his team would have worn Credit: Plymouth University/PA Wire

Members of the re-enactment group Antarctic Adventurers may well have been wishing that Princess Anne had chosen a different day to visit.

As temperatures soared across the UK, the Princess Royal joined descendants of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team for a ceremony marking the centenary of their doomed expedition to the Antarctic, at the National Scott Memorial in Plymouth.

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