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Belfast MP Nigel Dodds 'making good recovery'

North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds is making a good recovery after being knocked out during the loyalist riots that hit his constituency in recent days, the Democratic Unionist Party said tonight.

The DUP deputy leader, 54, was struck by a missile thrown by a rioter and knocked unconscious for around 10 minutes as trouble flared in the Woodvale Road area on Friday.

As he lay prone on the Woodvale Road, Dodds was drenched by a police water cannon that was being deployed to subdue rioters.

Nigel Dodds MP was injured in clashes in Belfast. Credit: ITV News

The MP spent Friday night in hospital and was discharged early on Saturday.

"Nigel is glad to be back home and he's making a good recovery," said the DUP spokesman."He hopes to be back in his office within the next few days."


Police officer struck with petrol bomb in Belfast

A number of petrol bombs have been thrown at police lines in the Woodvale area of Belfast, striking one officer.

The Police Service Northern Ireland said the officer had been examined by medical personnel and remained on duty.

Officers have also responded to isolated incidents elsewhere in north Belfast, at Rosapenna Street and North Queen Street.

Police said the unrest continued to be sporadic in nature.


NI police says missiles thrown amid Belfast 'disorder'

PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott today condemned those responsible for the trouble and also criticised those within the Orange Order leadership who called for protests.

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