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Salmonella outbeak may be traced to single egg source

The national salmonella outbreak which has struck down nearly 250 people across Britain could be traced back to a single source of eggs, health investigators have said.

Dr Paul Cleary, consultant epidemiologist at Public Health England, said:

There is now evidence to indicate that cases in Europe with the same strains of salmonella infection were associated with consumption of eggs from a single source.

This egg supply also reached distributors and food outlets in England, but at this stage we cannot conclusively demonstrate this is the infection source in this country.

– Dr Paul Cleary, PHE


International search for source of Salmonella outbreak

An international search to find the source of a Salmonella outbreak that has so far been linked to three deaths is under way.

Public Health England says all 156 cases it is investigating are linked - and are likely to have come from a single source.

ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

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Three Salmonella patients die at Birmingham hospital

It has emerged that three people who caught Salmonella and were at Birmingham's Heartlands Hospital have died.

In total, 43 people in the West Midlands have caught the food poisoning bug, 34 of them connected with the Heartlands Hospital.

A Hospital spokesperson, said:

One of the deaths is subject to a coroner’s inquest and therefore we are unable to comment at this stage.

We can confirm that we have tested both food and water at the Heartlands site and have ruled these out as the root cause of the infection.

We are working with the Public Health England to investigate the other two cases, which includes the possibility of the infection being community acquired.

  1. Meridian

Salmonella victim 'couldn't get out of bed' with illness

Health officials have revealed that 55 cases of Salmonella have been reported in the county. They say 32 of those are connected to the Real China restaurant in Eastleigh. Across the country, 156 people have been affected by the gastrointestinal illness over several months. George Williams from Southampton had it and told us he struggled to even get out of bed.

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