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'Can never be 100% certain' there are no more cases

Public Health England has said it does not expect to see any more cases of blood poisoning following the death of one baby and the infection of 14 others, but stressed it "can never be 100% certain".

Dr Paul Cosford of Public Health England.
Dr Paul Cosford of Public Health England. Credit: ITV News

Dr Paul Cosford said, "We are confident as we are able to be at this stage of the investigation that we have identified the likely source and that that is no longer being used to treat babies.

"We've notified every hospital, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority have withdrawn the products and made sure that if there is any left that it is out of use and we re also being careful to make sure we are aware of any new cases that arise".

Health body: 'Very low' risk of cat owners getting TB

Public Health England has said the risk of cat owners contracting tuberculosis is "very low" after two people developed the disease after coming into contact with a cat.

Professor Dilys Morgan told ITV News, "Something strange has happened in this instance".

"We don't know exactly what's happened but I don't think that we can read too much into it, that it is an increasing trend," she added.

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