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The Queen's Speech scheduled for June 3

The Queen's Speech will be on Tuesday June 3, Commons Leader Andrew Lansley said today.

In a written ministerial statement to MPs, Mr Lansley said: "Her Majesty the Queen will open a new session of this Parliament on Tuesday June 3 2014."

The Queen will outline the Government's programme of business for the forthcoming session of Parliament.


Miliband: Government has a 'reality problem'

Labour leader Ed Miliband said the Government has a "reality problem" and today's Queen's Speech will do nothing to help people facing real problems.

The Leader of the Opposition said he was prepared to work with the Prime Minister on alternatives - insisting David Cameron did not need to be beholden to right-wingers on his own benches.

Mr Miliband said Labour was willing to assist with issues such as plain cigarette packaging, a communications bill on media monopolies and a lobbying bill.

Labour leader Ed Miliband.
Labour leader Ed Miliband. Credit: ITV News

He said youth unemployment was up, the cost of living was rising and wages were falling.

Mr Miliband said, "You can't provide the answers the country needs because he is not in control of his party - as someone once said, you are in office but not in power".

"You are not dealing with the problems of the country. No wonder this Queen's Speech has no answers", he added.


Cooper slams immigration measures in Queen's Speech

The immigration measures in the Queen's Speech don't tackle important issues on exploitation and illegal immigration.

We support many of the measures promised, though of course we will scrutinise the detail, but it appears their impact will be limited.

The Government is still not tackling the exploitation of foreign workers, leading to the undercutting of local workers.

There is nothing to improve enforcement of the national minimum wage, no action on agencies recruiting only from abroad, nothing to improve training for local workers for sectors recruiting heavily from abroad, no action to extend the gangmasters licensing legislation, and nothing to deal with slum landlords using overcrowded housing to recoup labour costs.

– Yvette Cooper, Shadow home secretary

Union: Government's 'policies are not working'

There is little comfort in this programme for the young, the unemployed, the working poor, the sick, the vulnerable or the millions who have seen their living standards fall drastically since this coalition Government came to power.

It's a typical Tory tactic to distract attention from the real problems we face by fostering a 'blame immigrants' culture, instead of tackling the huge divide between the rich and the poor.

This Government should face facts and accept that its policies are not working for the majority of people.

– Unison general secretary Dave Prentis

Tory MP to propose motion of Humble Address

Tory former defence minister Peter Luff (Mid Worcestershire) has been given the honour this year of proposing a motion of Humble Address to the Queen at 2.30pm.

Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams (Bristol West) will second the motion before Labour leader Ed Miliband and Prime Minister David Cameron give their responses shortly after 3pm.

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