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Sterling hopes new Liverpool deal will be signed soon

Raheem Sterling has been in talks for a while. Credit: PA

Raheem Sterling thinks his new Liverpool contract talks will be concluded soon.

The England winger has been the subject of much rumour, as the discussion between the club and his representatives have dragged on, but it looks like the end is in sight.

We're working on it and hopefully it will be sorted soon.

– Raheem Sterling speaking to the Liverpool Echo


Hodgson 'gutted' over Sterling treatment

Hodgson rested Sterling against Estonia. Credit: PA

England manager Roy Hodgson has leapt to the defence of Raheem Sterling, saying the Liverpool winger has been treated unfairly by the press.

Sterling was blasted by former professionals and the press after Hodgson revealed he did not start for England against Estonia because he was 'tired'.

Speaking to students at the Cambridge Union, Hodgson said: "With young Raheem Sterling this week, it guts me to see that sort of treatment.

"It’s totally unfair and totally wrong. It’s suiting people’s agendas. But, you know, he’ll be stronger for it. Is that right? Of course it’s not right! But I can’t turn the clock back, I’m living in 2014, I can’t go back to Downton Abbey!”

Rodgers: Sterling didn't refuse to start for England

Rodgers says that Sterling didn't tell Hodgson he was tired. Credit: PA

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has leapt to the defence of Raheem Sterling, but insists there is no club versus country row between him and England manager Roy Hodgson.

The Liverpool and England winger has been embroiled in the middle of a club v country row after it was reported that he told Hodgson he was 'tired' before the game against Estonia last week - leading to the England boss dropping him for the match.

Rodgers has now denied that Sterling ever said that: "What has been disappointing in the whole affair is it has been grossly unfair how the kid has been put on the back pages for something he clearly did not say."

The Liverpool boss also insists that the club is always happy to work with England and there is no 'barrier' between the two.

"We are club and country here, not club v country. Liverpool are no barrier to England."

Rodgers also said messages have been exchanged between himself and Hodgson after the incident but the two have yet to meet.

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Sterling 'will not be satisfied' with England performance

Raheem Sterling "will not be satisfied" with England's current World Cup performance as he is "all about winning", according to his childhood football coach.

Clive Ellington told Good Morning Britain how proud he was of his former student, who avoided a life of crime after excelling at playing with the Alpha and Omega Youth Club, and said the winger was always destined "bigger and better things".

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