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Murder probe after deadly stabbing

A murder investigation is under way after a 21-year-old woman died in hospital after being stabbed.

West Mercia Police said officers had launched an inquiry after the woman was assaulted at an address in Redditch, Worcestershire, yesterday morning.

A force spokesman said: "Detectives from West Mercia Police confirm the investigation into the stabbing of a 21-year-old female in Evesham Road, Redditch, yesterday is now a murder inquiry following the death of the victim this morning."

Police said a 29-year-old man who was arrested at the scene remains in custody.

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Cleanup starts after "racist" mosque attack

The cleanup has started after a mosque in Redditch had racist graffiti painted on it.

The building on Jinnah Road was targeted early this morning.

Police have since arranged meetings with the chairs of the mosque, local leaders and the Independent Advisory Group.

The building was targeted early this morning Credit: ITV News Central
Attempts are being made to clean the windows of the mosque Credit: ITV News Central


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Police organise meetings after racist mosque attack

"For as long as I can remember the relationship between the Muslim community in Redditch, the Police and the wider community would best be described as excellent.

Due to incidents happening nationally targeted patrols have been put in place and these will now be further increased as we will not tolerate mindless attacks of this nature.

I will be arranging meetings with the chairs of the mosques, local civic leaders and the Independent Advisory Group to reassure them of our commitment and determination to do everything possible to prevent any further such incidents and track down those responsible for this attack."

– Superintendent Kevin Purcell, North Worcestershire police commander

Swastikas painted on walls of mosque after break-in

West Mercia Police are investigating after a break-in at a mosque in Redditch early this morning during which racist graffiti was painted on the walls.

Graffiti including swastikas had been sprayed onto the building and at least half a dozen windows using paint taken from builders' cabins on the site which is still under construction.

Police said that they are in contact with mosque representatives and are currently guarding the site and carrying out local reassurance patrols, while forensic examinations are ongoing.

Human rights lawyer: Hospital failings 'appalling'

A legal bid which revealed an NHS hospital trust's failings in basic day-to-day patient care has been described as "appalling" by the human rights lawyer, who took part in bringing in the legal action. Emma Jones, a lawyer with Leigh Day & Co said:

Vulnerable and elderly patients were left starving and thirsty, with drinks left out of reach, buzzers ignored and people not being taken to the toilet and instead left to sit in their own faeces by the very people meant to be caring for them.

There have been financial settlements, but what the families have always wanted all along is an apology, some have been waiting years.


NHS Trust admits care 'fell below standard'

An NHS hospital trust at the centre of reports on patient neglect has said in a statement that it accepted "care fell below the requisite standard" but added "significant" improvements had been made to levels of patient care.

Legal action has been taken against Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust after claims that patients were left starving, dehydrated and left to wallow in their own excrement. The incidents are thought to have taken place between 2002 and 2011. In a statement today, it said:

The trust accepts that the care afforded to some patients, some years ago - between 2002 and 2009 - fell below the requisite standard and has apologised for the shortcomings.

Health Secretary: Hospital failings 'must not be repeated'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he would be "keeping a careful eye" on reports of patient neglect at a hospital in Worcestershire.

Alexandra Hospital, Redditch, as the hospital trust will apologise to the families of 38 people for patient neglect. Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

He said: "I know most NHS staff including many at the Alexandra Hospital will be shocked to hear these stories. I want to support them in making sure that these awful experiences are not repeated.

"In future, we will be implementing a systematic way of measuring patients' experiences, both good and bad, so that the public can see how individual hospitals are doing at providing the highest possible standards of care."

Families condemn hospital failings

Former nurse Patricia Brindle, aged 86, was left unwashed for 11 weeks after being admitted to an NHS hospital trust in February 2008, despite her son Peter begging nurses for her to be bathed, he said.

Family handout of former nurse Patricia Brindle. Credit: Family handout/PA Wire

Legal action has been taken against Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust after claims that patients were left starving, dehydrated and left to wallow in their own excrement. Mr Brindle, of Redditch, said:

"Nobody was doing their job, nobody could be bothered to take a bed pan in for my mother - this woman who had worked all her life, been a nurse, and never transgressed the law.

"She only had the misfortune to have a stroke and be left at the mercy of people who did just not give a damn."

Care victim treated with 'no respect or dignity'

Among those receiving an apology are the family of 73-year-old Colin White, who was admitted to the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, in July 2009. His daughter Kim White, from Gloucester, described how there was "no respect or dignity" for her father during his stay at the hospital.

All we ever wanted was an apology, and the acknowledgement that my father was treated appallingly.

We also didn't want anyone else to go through the hell that my father went through.

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