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Refugees sew mouths shut in border crossing protest

Two of the six refugees who have sewn their mouths shut. Credit: APTN

Six Iranian refugees have sewn their mouths shut as part of a protest at the Greece-Macedonia border.

They took the step as hundreds of refugees, many from Iran and Morocco, protested for a fourth successive day at the border near the village of Idomeni.

Macedonia and other Balkan countries have tightened border controls in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks on November 13, which left 130 people dead.

Police said 2,900 people crossed the border into Macedonia in the 24 hours before 6am local time on Monday, down from more than 6,000 the previous day.

Protests have been taking place at the Greece-Macedonia border. Credit: APTN


Split between leaders at Malta refugee summit

ITV News Political correspondent Romilly Weeks is in Malta for a conference between European and African leaders on how to cope with the flow of migrants and refugees from Africa to the the EU.

The president of the European Council said European and African leaders wanted a "joint approach" so migration could become a "fruitful exchange" between the two continents.

Donald Tusk was speaking on the first day of a conference to discuss the issue.

But some African leaders have criticised the stance of some European countries, saying they had adopted a "fortress" approach.


UK pledges £200m to help Africa tackle refugee crisis

David Cameron is taking part in an international summit on migration to Europe Credit: Ben Pruchnie/PA Wire

The UK will use £200 million of aid money to help countries in Africa try to stop the flow of people emigrating.

Sources in the British government said David Cameron would outline his plan at an international summit aimed at addressing the problem.

The Prime Minister will call for an "emergency response" to the crisis as he sets out plans for the extra money up to 2020.

The funds will be used to help with economic pressures, environmental disasters such as droughts and problems of corruption. It will also be used to provide humanitarian support for refugees.

The Government will give £125 million to Ethiopia, which has seen its refugee population soar from 90,000 in 2011 to 700,000 in 2015.

As part of the drive to tackle the root causes of migration, a £13 million programme will create 9,000 jobs in Somalia to encourage people to stay rather than travel to Europe.

Merkel: summit will set out 'clear demands' from Europe

Angela Merkel arrives in Malta for the summit Credit: APTN

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arrived in Malta for an international summit on the refugee crisis and migration to Europe.

Chancellor Merkel, who faces intense domestic pressure after offering shelter to almost a million asylum seekers this year, said the summit "would promote friendly relations with Africans", but added it would "also set out clear demands and expectations" from Europe.

African leaders have expressed concern at suggestions that Europe could sharply reduce immigration. EU officials have said that legal migration, for students and seasonal labour, could be increased in return for help cutting illegal migration.

Germany is also facing an influx of people from Syria, and has warned that it could start sending Syrian refugees back to other EU states. In response, Hungary said it would not take any and Slovenia began to put up new border fences.

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