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Car park skeleton confirmed as Richard III's

Ancient remains dug up in a Leicester council car park have been confirmed as belonging to King Richard III, who ruled England from 1452 to 1485.

The University of Leicester archaeologists who discovered the skeleton five months ago announced the news at a press conference this morning, describing the find as "truly astonishing."

Richard Buckley, lead archaeologist said: "The individual exhumed at Grey Friars is indeed Richard III."

First full picture of 'Richard III' skeleton

The University of Leicester releases an image of the first full picture of the skeleton believed to be Richard III. Credit: University of Leicester

The University of Leicester has released an image of the first full picture of the uncovered skeleton thought to be Richard III, ahead a news conference this morning to confirm whether or not the remains belong to the late king.


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Remains were found on the first day of excavation

The scientists now start to give their evidence, starting with Lead Archeologist Richard Buckley.

He describes how challenging it was to find the burial site, given the modern day building works and how he chose where to start digging.

Richard Buckley Credit: ITV Central
Dig site map Credit: ITV Central

They started digging on 25th August 2012 and quickly found archeological remains including tile flooring.

The skeleton found had two distinctive traits - curvature of the spine and evidence of trauma to the skull.

The evidence in presented Credit: ITV Central

Possibility of finding Richard III remains is 'a historic moment'

The statement released by the University of Leicester Credit: Rupert Evelyn / ITV News

The University of Leicester have described the possibility of finding the remains of Richard III as "a historic moment."

In a statement, the university said:

"We have exhumed one fully articulated skeleton. Found in what was believed to be in the choir of the church. It is of significant interest to us."

"We are not saying today that we have found Richard III, what we are saying is that the search has entered a new phase.

"This skeleton has characteristics that warrants further detailed examination."

"We have all been witness to a powerful and history story unfolding before our eyes.

"This is potentially a historic moment for the University and the City of Leicester."

The remains have been found under a social services car park in Leicester


'Dramatic new turn' in search for King Richard III

The University of Leicester have announced the discovery of human remains in the Abbey where it is believed that Richard III was buried, more details of the find will be announced later today.

What we have uncovered is truly remarkable and today we will be announcing to the world that the search for King Richard III has taken a dramatic new turn.

– Richard Taylor, University of Leicester

This discovery adds a whole new dimension to a search which has already far exceeded our expectations. This is exciting news and I know that people across the world will be waiting to hear more about the University's find.

– Leicesters City Mayor Peter Soulsby

Human remains found in Richard III dig

Human remains have been found in the search for the grave of Richard III.

Portrait of Richard III Credit: University of Leicester

A team from the University of Leicester is leading the archaeological search for the burial place of King Richard III with Leicester City Council after determining the site of the site of the medieval Franciscan friary known as Grey Friars where he was believed to have been buried.

Although no identification of the remains has yet been made.

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