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Rochdale report 'cites police's discriminatory attitude'

Further details of police failures identified in a report published later today into child-sex grooming rings in Rochdale have been leaked to The Guardian.

As well as a lack of resources and oversight, the newspaper understands from the report that untrained detectives were used to investigate child exploitation and "there was a recognition that there may have been discriminatory attitudes among police officers towards the victims".

"As a result, the review has been left with an incomplete and unsatisfactory picture of the involvement of the police in the routine child protection processes," the report concludes.


Police 'set to admit failings over child sex abuse'

A serious case review into child sexual exploitation in Rochdale is to published this morning.

Greater Manchester Police is expected to admit to failing to properly protect six girls, who were groomed and abused between 2007 and 2010.

Nine men were sentenced to up to 19 years in jail last year after being convicted over the case.

Grooming ring review to highlight failings by officials

A serious case review into the Rochdale child sex abuse ring is to be published this morning and is expected to identify a serious of failings among Greater Manchester Police, senior council management and other agencies, to protect vulnerable girls who were preyed on in the town.

A report is published today into why a child sex abuse ring flourished in Rochdale Credit: ITV News

The report is published on the same day as five men are to be sentenced for sexually exploiting the "profound vulnerability" of a 15-year-old girl in Rochdale.

Rochdale Council launched the review last year after nine Asian men were convicted of grooming and passing round a number of teenage girls for sexual abuse.

Secrecy rules for children in care 'may help abusers'

Secrecy rules that apply to children in care homes may make them more vulnerable to abuse and less protected by local authorities, Education Secretary Michael Gove said.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he describes his experience of being confronted with a stream of "absurd" secrecy rules and a "wall of silence" as he attempted to get information on how children's care homes operate, following the Rochdale cases of sexual exploitation.

'Absurd' secrecy rules that apply to children in care may help paedophiles target them, Michael Gove said. Credit: PA

"I was met with a wall of silence. The only responsible body with the information we needed was Ofsted, [...] yet Ofsted was prevented by 'data protection' rules, 'child protection' concerns and other bewildering regulations from sharing that data with us, or even with the police.

"In the name of 'protecting children' by officially 'protecting' their information, we had ended up helping the very people we were supposed to be protecting them from."

Council review of handling of Rochdale abuse ring

Rochdale council will release details of a review of their handling of child sexual exploitation after nine men were jailed for grooming girls.

Top - L to R: Abdul Rauf, Hamid Safi, Mohammed Sajid, Abdul Aziz. Bottom - L to R: Abdul Qayyum, Adil Khan, Mohammed Amin, Kabeer Hassan. Credit: GMP/PA Wire

The nine Asian sentenced to between four and 19 years in jail after being found guilty of being part of a child sexual exploitation ring involving vulnerable girls.


Rochdale council child sexual exploitation review

Rochdale council are set to publish review of their handling of child sexual exploitation after nine men were jailed for grooming girls as young as 13.

The men were convicted in May 2012, but serious failings were revealed by the case.

The review has already been carried out about the specific case, this report is about the general approach of the council towards sexual exploitation.

Man arrested after car drives into Port Vale fans

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a hit-and-run incident involving football fans on their way to a match.

Two Port Vale fans were taken to hospital after they were hit by a car as the waited in a taxi rank outside Rochdale train station.

Port Vale chairman Norman Smurthwaite tweeted yesterday:

Police said: "Shortly after 2.45pm on Saturday 13 April 2013, a car that was travelling around the mini roundabout outside Rochdale Train Station collided with two men.

"A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He has been bailed until 14 July 2013 pending further inquiries."

An eyewitness told the Daily Mail: "Me and three mates got to Rochdale train station about 2.40pm on Saturday and ordered a taxi. While we were waiting a red car with three men inside sped into the rank and drove into the Port Vale fans.

"The car then sped off and the driver had a grin on his face."

Lib Dems: Smith abuse claims 'abhorrent'

The Liberal Democrats have described the allegations against former Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith "abhorrent" and insisted that the party has "never been involved in any allegations":

Clearly the party does not endorse any person proved to have been involved in incidents such as these.

All allegations should have been investigated thoroughly with the authorities taking whatever action necessary.

Any new allegations should be made to the police.

The Liberal Democrats are not aware of any allegations being made to the party, and have never been involved in any investigations.

The alleged incidents and the reported police investigations took place outside of the time Cyril Smith was a Liberal MP.

– Liberal Democrat spokesperson
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