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Death toll from Romanian nightclub fire rises to 32

Two women comfort each other after the tragedy. Credit: Reuters

The death toll from a nightclub fire in Romania is now 32 and could rise further, officials say.

Some 130 people remain in hospital, of whom 90 are in a critical or serious condition, medical authorities said.

A spark during a pyrotechnics show is believed to have ignited foam in the Colectiv basement club in Bucharest during a heavy metal gig last Friday.

A local journalist told ITV News the club only had two exits for panicked concert goers to escape the flames.


Autopsies begin on Romanian nightclub fire victims

Forensic experts have begun carrying out autopsies of the victims of a fire and stampede in a Romanian nightclub which killed 27 people and injured 180.

Mourners light candles in tribute to those who died when fire broke out at a Bucharest nightclub. Credit: Reuters

Romania's government declared three days of national mourning on Saturday after the incident at the Colectiv Club in Bucharest.

Deputy Interior Minister Raed Arafat said 17 of the 27 dead had yet to be identified and 146 people remained in hospital. He said no fire permit was requested by the club nor granted to them by the Bucharest firefighting department.

"Unfortunately, the death toll may change taking into account the severity of their injuries," Arafat said after an emergency meeting early on Saturday.

Prime Minister Victor Pontaordered checks on clubs across the country to see whether safety and fire standards are being observed.

Romanian nightclub 'only had two exits'

The Romanian nightclub where 27 people died in an explosion during a rock concert last night "only had two exits", according to a local journalist who has been to the venue.

Sorin Bogdan told ITV News that when a pillar and part of the club's ceiling went up in flames panicked concert goers would have been trying to escape "where only a small exit existed."


Emergency services attend Bucharest nightclub blast

Emergency services attended the scene following a blast at a Romanian nightclub Credit: Reuters

Police and medical crews rushed to the scene following a blast at a nightclub in the Romanian capital of Bucharest.

TV footage showed police officers and paramedics trying to resuscitate young people lying on the pavement, while sirens wailed as more ambulances deployed to the scene.

Reuters reported a witness as saying there had been fireworks inside the club and that a pillar and the club ceiling caught fire before the explosion occurred.

At least 25 dead and 88 injured in Bucharest nightclub blast

Twenty five clubbers are dead in a Bucharest nightclub blast

Twenty five clubbers are dead in a Bucharest nightclub blast and at least 88 people have been admitted to hospital, government officials said.

"There are 25 deaths so far," Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea told private television Antena 3 from the scene, where dozens of ambulances and firetrucks rushed to evacuate the injured.

The explosion was reportedly caused by a firework, according to local media.

Deputy Interior Minister Raed Arafat said the death toll may still climb at the club, called Colectiv, which hosted a rock concert attended by up to 400 clubbers.

"There was a stampede of people running out of the club," a man who escaped without shoes told Reuters.

At least 18 dead in Romanian nightclub blast

At least 18 people were killed

At least 18 people were killed in a blast in a Bucharest nightclub, a government spokesman has confirmed.

Dozens are also believed to be injured in the explosion, which was reportedly caused by a firework.

A witness told local station Realitatea TV one of the fireworks exploded and burned scaffolding that supported the pyrotechnic material.

The scaffolding fell on people who were inside the club and victims claimed the ceiling collapsed.

Victims have reportedly suffered severe burns and others were being resuscitated on the pavement outside of the venue.

Priests inaugurate church built entirely from ice

Priests trudged through deep snow in a remote Romanian mountain range today to inaugurate a very unusual church.

Priests hold an inaugural mass in the ice church at Balea Lake, Romania Credit: REUTERS/Radu Sigheti

The chapel is built entirely from ice and snow, and forms part of the Hotel of Ice at Balea Lake in the Fagaras Mountains.

A group of priests arrive for the inauguration Credit: REUTERS/Radu Sigheti

The church, which is covered with decorations and even has an altar carved from ice, will accommodate a busy schedule of weddings, baptisms and concerts.

A priest leads the ceremony behind a carved ice altar Credit: REUTERS/Radu Sigheti

The Hotel of Ice accommodates guests in 12 double rooms, where the temperature hovers between -2 and 2 degrees Celsius.

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