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UKIP couple: 'We want our foster children back'

The couple, whose three foster children were removed because of their membership of UKIP, have asked for the youngsters to be returned to them.

However they also said that their chances have been wrecked because they do not want to cause them any more upheaval.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the wife said:

From a personal and selfish point of view, we would like the children back.

But we are more concerned with the children’s welfare, and we do not want them traumatised any more than they already have been.

It is not going to be feasible to take these children back. They are the innocent victims in all this. They deserve better.

Farage: Rotherham Council an 'outrage'

UKIP leader Nigel Farage.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said the couple from Yorkshire, who claim that they were told they were no longer suitable to be foster carers because of reported connections to his party, have given children an opportunity "to thrive" in this country.

He also labelled the actions of Rotherham Council, who are investigating the claims by social services, as an "absolute outrage".

Rotherham by-election candidates

The Rotherham by-election will be held on Thursday November 29 following the resignation of former Labour minister Denis MacShane.

Here is the full list of candidates running:

  • Simon Wilson, Conservative
  • Sarah Champion, Labour
  • Michael Beckett, Liberal Democrat
  • Marlene Guest, BNP
  • David Wildgoose, English Democrats
  • Simon Copley, Independent
  • Paul Dickson, Independent
  • Clint Bristow
  • Yvonne Ridley, Respect
  • Ralph Dyson, TUSC
  • Jane Collins, UKIP


Rotherham Council leader details foster care inquiry

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone says the investigation into the decision to remove children from the care of two foster parents who are members of UKIP will ascertain whether "everything has been done professionally".

He said:

We are going to investigate to make sure everything has been done professionally.

If the professionals give advice, we take it. We are going to investigate - we always would if somebody complains.

Education Secretary: 'We need more parents to foster'

Education Secretary Michael Gove has attacked Rotherham Council's decision to remove three children from their foster parents because they supported UKIP.

Rotherham's reasons for denying this family the chance to foster are indefensible. The ideology behind their decision is actively harmful to children.

We should not allow considerations of ethnic or cultural background to prevent children being placed with loving and stable families. We need more parents to foster, and many more to adopt.

Any council which decides that supporting a mainstream UK political party disbars an individual from looking after children in care is sending a dreadful signal that will only decrease the number of loving homes available to children in need.

I will be investigating just how this decision came to be made and what steps we need to take to deal with this situation.

– Michael Gove, Education Secretary
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