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Royal Mail is ‘wrong’ to scare public over universal service

Business Secretary Vince Cable has criticised Royal Mail bosses for “scaremongering” by indicating universal service may be under threat.

He said he felt it was "wrong" of chief executive Moya Greene to suggest it is.

He said a lot of people “depend” on the Royal Mail and the regular delivery it provides, particularly in remote areas, and he said they should not be made to feel insecure.

I think it’s wrong to scare the public.

The universal service obligation is absolutely clear, it’s protected in law by Parliament, it’s not going to change.

I think a bit of scaremongering is going on and it’s not healthy.

– Vince Cable, Business Secretary

Cable: Email is the biggest competition for Royal Mail

The privatisation of Royal Mail has gone “admirably” but the biggest competition to business was always going to be the ever-growing popularity of email, Vince Cable has said.

The Business Secretary told ITV News that the major objective of privatisation had been to allow Royal Mail to go out and compete and raise money on the open market for investment, which it had – raising £500 million to date.

But, he said, they were always going to have to compete with e-mail, which was replacing much of its traditional custom, on top of having to compete with other mail carriers.


Cable accuses Royal Mail bosses of 'scaremongering'

Business secretary Vince Cable has accused Royal Mail bosses of "scaremongering" by claiming the universal service is under threat.

He told ITV News the universal service obligation - which ensures people can send post anywhere in the UK for the same fixed price - is enshrined in law and will not be rescinded.

He said were it to be overturned, both Houses of Parliament would have to vote to do so - which, he added, is not going to happen.

It comes after Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene warned that increasing competition in high density, low cost areas was threatening the universal service by making delivering to rural and remote areas not economically viable.

Mr Cable said Royal Mail, now it is only 30 per cent owned by the taxpayer, was free to raise capital privately - and said it had already raised £500 million to invest and compete.

He said the government did not want to see companies "whinging" about having to operate in a competitive market.

Cable: Royal Mail is 'scaremongering' and 'whinging'

Business Secretary Vince Cable has accused Royal Mail of "scaremongering" over warnings it may not be able to continue with its universal service.

Mr Cable told ITV News that chief executive Moya Greene's comments amounted to "special pleading" - and said the government did not want companies "whinging" about being in a competitive market.

ITV News Business Editor Joel Hills tweeted:

Royal Mail warns more competition 'undermines' service

Royal Mail bosses today issued a warning that giving people more choice between delivery services was threatening the future of the universal service, which guarantees that letters can be delivered anywhere in the country for the same price.

Royal Mail bosses have warned against allowing 'cherry picking' between competitors Credit: PA

Chief executive Moya Greene told a committee of MPs that the high cost of the universal service obligation – around £7.2 billion a year – was in part because of the difficulties of delivering to rural and remote parts of the country.

Delivering to high-density areas such as the inner city was much lower cost and helped to subsidise these deliveries – but by allowing these customers to “cherry pick”between Royal Mail and their competitors the system was unsustainable.

Royal Mail halves expected growth rate as profits fall 21%

The Royal Mail has halved the expected growth rate of its UK parcels market to 1-2% due to fierce competition which helped send first-half operating profit down 21%.

Operating profits fell 21%. Credit: PA

The group, sold off by the government in October 2013, said operating profit before transformation costs for the six months to September 28th fell to £279m, with higher pension costs and the absence of a VAT refund received a year ago also hitting numbers.

The figure was at the top end of an analyst forecast range of £237-279m.

Pricing pressure pushed UK parcels revenue down 1%, with UK letter revenue up 1%.

Group revenue rose 2% to £4.53bn.


Royal Mail to celebrate comet landing with special postmark

The Royal Mail will celebrate the landing of a spacecraft on a comet with a special postmark on millions of items of mail delivered to addresses nationwide on Friday and Saturday.

Royal Mail will have a special postmark to mark the comet landing. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

It will say: Celebrating the first ever landing on a comet. Congratulations to the European Space Agency.

We're thrilled to be marking the European Space Agency's fantastic achievement with one of our special postmarks.

Our postmark is set to take off and will appear on mail delivered by our postmen and women across the UK.

– Andrew Hammond, Royal Mail

Cost of Christmas cut with cheaper Royal Mail parcels

Consumers could see a savings when sending their Christmas presents this year as the price of sending some parcels is to be cut.

Royal Mail will allow customers to send more in their parcels during the festive period. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

The weight of a small parcel will increase to 2kg and cost of £2.80, this was previously classed as a medium package, costing £8, saving consumers up to £5.20.

The promotion will last from 29th October to 18th January.

Royal Mail said consumers and businesses will be able to put bigger items, or more goods, into a small parcel.

Royal Mail trialling skeleton Sunday parcel service

The Royal Mail is launching trials of parcel deliveries and office openings on Sundays, it has emerged.

The parcel deliveries will all be made within the M25 area and customers will be able to collect them from around 100 offices at the end of the week.

Credit: Press Association

Royal Mail said the move was aimed at making it easier for online shoppers to collect their purchases if they were not at home on a weekday.

Offices will be open for four hours from noon on a Sunday.

Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels, said: "We are continuing to be more customer-responsive and provide more options for people to receive items they have ordered online."

Royal Mail collection changes adds 'insult to injury'

Changes to collection times at thousands of Royal Mail post boxes adds "insult to injury" after its privatisation, the shadow business secretary said.

Chuka Umunna has criticised the changes to collection times. Credit: PA Wire

Up to 50,000 of Royal Mail's post boxes will be moved to an earlier collection time between 9am and 3pm.

"In their unnecessary fire sale of Royal Mail, the Tory-led government put vital postal services at risk and, as many feared when the privatisation took place, we are now seeing consumers losing out," Labour's Chuka Umunna said.

"This adds insult to injury after taxpayers were left short changed by hundreds of millions of pounds as the 'priority' City investors selected by the Tory-led government made a killing."

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