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RSPCA: Monkeys are 'wild animals not household pets'

Primates have "very complex needs" that cannot necessarily be met in a "household environment", an animal rights campaigner said.

Senior scientific officer Dr Ros Clubb for the RSPCA said:

In the absence of a ban, we welcome the committee's recommendations to review and improve Defra's Code of Practice for the Welfare of Privately-Kept Primates.

Primates have very complex needs and the level of suffering is high if these requirements are not met.

In short, primates are wild animals that cannot have their needs met in a household environment. They are not pets.

Specialist expert knowledge and facilities are required to look after primates properly, which the vast majority of people lack. This is illustrated by the increase in the number of convictions for cruelty to primates.

– Dr Ros Clubb
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