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Miliband says he wants to persuade Brand on voting

Ed Miliband has said he is "proud to be engaging" with Russell Brand in this election.

Speaking at a campaign event in Cardiff, the Labour leader said that "politics is being played in an increasingly empty stadium", adding: "if we don't engage in different ways with people that aren't engaging in this election, then we will have fewer and fewer people engaging".

Mr Miliband met with Mr Brand last night, when he recorded an interview at the comedian's house for his YouTube channel "The Trews".

David Cameron: 'Russell Brand is a joke'

The Prime Minister has labelled Russell Brand "a joke" - and taunted Ed Miliband after a photo of the Labour leader outside the comedian's house surfaced on social media last night.

A spokesperson for Mr Miliband said that he had been there to film an interview with Mr Brand.

But the PM teased both men on the stump today, saying that "his whole view" is "don't vote - it only encourages them".

He added: "That's funny, but politics and elections... that's not a joke. Russell Brand's a joke".


Nigel Farage: Russell Brand is 'lightweight and has a chest hair make-up artist'

Nigel Farage: Russell Brand is 'lightweight and has chest hair make up artist'. Credit: PA

Nigel Farage has hit back at Russell Brand, saying the comedian and activist was "lighter weight than expected" and has a "personal make-up artist to straighten his chest hair".

Everyone fancied that Mr Brand and I might butt heads, but actually, as we entered the studio, and his personal make-up artist straightened his chest hair for him, I kid you not, I realised that perhaps he might be a bit lighter weight than expected.

For all Mr Brand’s posturing, he was really quite limp. Maybe it was the chapstick that his make-up artist applied to his lips at the last moment, but he didn’t seem to utter a word of sense.

– Nigel Farage writing for the Independent

The Ukip leader made the comments in a column for the Independent after the two appeared on BBC Question time last night.


Russell Brand seeking injunction against masseuse

Russell Brand and girlfriend Jemima Khan are seeking an injunction against a massuese Credit: PA Wire

Comedian Russell Brand and girlfriend Jemima Khan are continuing to seek an injunction against a masseuse who claims the couple treated her "like a prostitute."

Representing the couple, Aidan Eardley told the High Court that the matter has arisen from a £500 birthday massage Khan had arranged with the masseuse for Brand at their home in June.

The masseuse contacted newspapers and Unicef where Khan is an ambassador alleging Brand had assaulted her during the massage.

She also posted the allegations on Twitter, emailed MPs and the Prime Minister and set up an online petition, despite a police investigation clearing Brand of any wrongdoing.

The judge is expected to give her ruling on Thursday.

Russell Brand calls for 'joyful revolution'

File photo dated 19/04/11 of Russell Brand. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Comedian Russell Brand has called on thousands of protesters to be part of a "peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution" that seizes power back from Westminster.

The former Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter, who this year implored readers of the New Statesman magazine to abandon the current political system, told crowds gathered in London's Parliament Square that MPs no longer represented the people.

Speaking in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament at the end of a march marking the one-year anniversary of the People's Assembly being formed, Brand stripped off his T-shirt and replaced it with one carrying the message "Firefighters rescue people not bankers".

An estimated 50,000 people took part in the march, which started at the BBC in Portland Place where protesters accused the broadcaster of ignoring the plight of impoverished Britons.

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