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IS release video of boy 'executing Russian spies'

The Islamic State (IS) have released a video which appears to show two men being shot in the head by a young boy, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports.

IS claim the pair were working for the Russian intelligence services.

Entitled "Uncovering an Enemy Within" in English, the video is narrated in Russian and opens with the interrogation of one of the men.

He says he is a Kazakh citizen and was recruited by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) to get close to an unnamed IS fighter.

The second man, who does not give his nationality, says he worked for the FSB in Russia previously, and says he was tasked with killing an unnamed IS fighter.

Both men say they were told to collect and transmit information about IS fighters in Syria.

The video then cuts to show the two men kneeling outside with a man and the armed boy stood behind them. The boy then steps forward and shoots each of the men in the head.

Russia's FSB agency gave AFP no immediate comment on the video.

US State Department: Jailing of Navalny 'disturbing'

The US State Department has said that the sentencing and jailing of Navalny brothers in Russia is 'a disturbing development designed to punish and deter political activism'.

Russian opposition activist and anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny, 38, centre, walks to attend a rally in Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. Credit: AP Photo/Anton Belitski


Putin: Nato powers 'building a new Berlin Wall'

Vladimir Putin arriving at the annual address. Credit: Reuters

Vladimir Putin has accused Nato countries of "building a new Berlin wall" and blamed other nations for the current situation in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian President said Moscow was ready to mediate in the crisis in a bid to resolve it politically, rather than militarily.

When asked by a Ukrainian journalist how many Russian soldiers had been sent into the region, Putin denied sending any - claiming any that went did so of their own volition.

He also said the current economic crisis in Russia was not a penalty for its involvement in Crimea, claiming sanctions were an attempt to turn Russia from a bear with "claws" into a stuffed animal.

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