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Sajid Javid: Leaving EU could cost UK businesses £34bn

Sajid Javid speaking at Canary Wharf. Credit: ITV News

British exporting businesses could be hit by £34 billion in additional red tape costs if the UK leaves the EU, Sajid Javid has said.

The business secretary said being outside the EU's common rule book could severely hit businesses trading in goods and services and cost an average of £80,000 for each exporting business.

Speaking in Canary Wharf as part of the EU referendum campaign trail, he said: "Faced with those huge extra burdens, our companies would simply export less - that would mean lower growth and it would mean fewer jobs."

He added that the EU is crucial for Britain's services sector, which is a "massive driver of our economy" because it is responsible for "80% of UK jobs".

Mr Javid insisted that as a member of the EU, Britain helps sets the rules, and "90% of the time, we get the rules that we want".

The business secretary was speaking at the event with Labour politician Peter Mandelson.

Sajid Javid in Brussels for international steel talks

Sajid Javid will discuss steel overproduction in Brussels on Monday Credit: PA

Sajid Javid will be in Brussels for talks on Monday to discuss the global overproduction of steel.

The Business Secretary will hold talks in the Belgian capital with counterparts from China, India and 27 other nations to "seek solutions to the overcapacity crisis".

Tata Steel, the Indian-owned conglomerate, announced it was putting its UK assets - including the Port Talbot plant - up for sale in March after prices were hit by China "dumping" steel on the global market.

Sajid Javid: Government is ready to help Tata Steel sale

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has said that he has been in touch with potential buyers of Port Talbot and maintained that the government is ready to help.

Government involvement includes the possibility of co-investing with a buyer by providing loans on commercial terms, or by taking a minority stake in the plant.

Mr Javid’s comments come after Tata Steel confirmed a deal to sell its Long Products Europe business, including its Scunthorpe plant, to Greybull Capital.

ITV News Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen reports:


Javid: Government could co-invest with steel buyer

The Government could look at the possibility of co-investing with a steel buyer "on commercial terms", the business secretary told the Commons.

Sajid Javid said the "Government stands ready to help" as he addressed the Commons.

I've been in contact with potential buyers, making clear that the government stands ready to help. This includes looking at the possibility of co-investing with a buyer on commercial terms.

– Javid

Business secretary facing questions over Tata Steel

The business secretary faced questions on Tata Steel's deal with Greybull Capital to buy its Scunthorpe Plant in the House of Commons.

Sajid Javid earlier called the sale - which will save 4,400 jobs - "a step in the right direction for the long-term future of British steel manufacturing in Scunthorpe."

He said he worked relentlessly to convince Tata not to close Port Talbot.

Sajid Javid's live statement has now ended.

Javid: Tata to formally launch sale by Monday

Tata Steel intend to formally launch the sale by Monday, the business secretary said.

Sajid Javid met with the chairman of Tata Steel today in Mumbai as he attempts to find a solution to the collapse of the UK steel industry.

Javid said the UK government "will do everything it can to support a serious buyer in every way we can to secure a long term future of this industry".

Tata have not set a timeframe for the sales process, Javid added, but the company will allow a "reasonable amount of time".

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