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14% of stomach cancers 'could be avoided by reducing salt intake'

  • An estimated 14% of stomach cancers in the UK - one in seven cases - could be avoided by reducing salt intake to recommended levels, it is claimed.
  • People in the UK consume an average of 8.1 grams each a day, much of it hidden in processed food.
  • This is 43% higher than the maximum recommended amount of six grams, equivalent to one level teaspoonful.


Salt raises 'stomach cancer risk'

Too much salt is believed to promote cancer by damaging the stomach lining, a new report has found.

Cancer salt risk
People who eat lots of salt, risk stomach cancer, research suggests Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press

Better "traffic light" food labelling is needed to reduce the number of stomach cancers linked to salt, experts have added.

A standardised form of colour-coded "traffic light" food labelling would help consumers monitor their consumption of salt, sugar and fat, according to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

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