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Samsung supplier suspended 'for using child labourers'

South Korean electronics company Samsung has suspended a contractor in China after it found "possible evidence of child labour and illegal hiring", at its Dongguan Shinyang Electronics plant.

The company said it was working with Chinese authorities to investigate the new allegations. Credit: Samsung.

A new investigation by China Labour Watch found that during busy seasons, the factory hired child labourers and underage students. Their report said:

"These minors will usually only work for a period of three to six months, toiling for 11 hours every day without overtime pay, and the factory does not purchase social insurance for them as required by law."

The report said part-time workers, who made up 40% of the workforce, received no safety training, no overtime pay and no social insurance.

The report came after Samsung said it did an audit and found no child or underage workers at hundreds of Chinese suppliers.

The company said Chinese authorities are investigating and that if they find child labour they will stop using the contractor permanently.

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $119m in patent case

A US jury has found that South Korean smartphone maker Samsung had infringed Apple smartphone patents and ordered the company to pay its US rival $119.6 million (£71 million).

A US jury has ruled that Samsung must pay Apple $119.6 million. Credit: Reuters

During the month-long trial in a federal court in San Jose, California, Apple accused Samsung of violating patents on smartphone features including universal search, while Samsung denied wrongdoing.

In a counterclaim filed by Samsung, the panel also said Apple infringed Samsung patents and ordered it to pay $158,000 to the South Korean company.

Apple had sought $2.2 billion after accusing Samsung of infringing five of its patents covering functions such as slide-to-unlock, universal searching and quick linking.

Samsung claimed that Apple violated two patents on streaming video and had sought $6 million.

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