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Smartwatch to work with and control other devices

Users of the Galaxy Gear will be able to use the voice control to make calls, create reminders and set alarms without touching the smartwatch.

Samsung's Pranav Mistry describes how the Galaxy Gear will work with and can control features on other Samsung devices. Credit: Reuters

The watch will also work with other Samsung devices allowing users to control the music played on them, or find any they have misplaced by making them beep, illuminate and vibrate.

Samsung Gear smartwatch available later this month

Shin Jong-kyun, President and CEO, head of IT and Mobile Communication division of Samsung presents the Galaxy Gear smart watch. Credit: Reuters

The Galaxy Gear will come in six colours and have 4GB of storage and with a1.6" screen, Samsung say they have designed the watch to last for more than a day on a single charge.

The Gear will be available in the US and Japan in October, but the rest of the world will have it later this month.


Samsung to release Galaxy Gear smartwatch

This concept for a smartwatch was produced by Samsung and designer Johan Loekito in 2009. The new product may not look like this. Credit:

Samsung is to unveil its first smartwatch on September 4th, the company's mobile business chief told The Korea Times today.

Lee Young-hee said the product, called the Galaxy Gear, would be "a new wearable concept device" that would "enhance and enrich the current smart mobile experience in many ways."

The South Korean firm's attempt at the product comes after a £79 Sony effort but is expected to precede a similar launch by fierce rivals Apple.


Samsung unveils revolutionary camera phone

The Galaxy S4 Zoom. Credit: Samsung

Samsung has unveiled its revolutionary Galaxy S4 Zoom that combines a smartphone and a high-end camera.

The camera has a 10x optical zoom and 16 megapixel sensor. The phone is Galaxy S4 technology.

It's expected to be available in the UK this summer.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom. Credit: Samsung
The Galaxy S4 Zoom. Credit: Samsung

Broad appeal of Samsung gives firm the edge on Apple

Certainly it looks like year-on-year growth was much higher for Samsung's mobile phone unit than for Apple's iPhone segment.

That's a testament to the broad appeal of Samsung's device range compared with the relatively high-end focus of the iPhone.

It's also helpful that Samsung has device launches throughout the year, which help to keep demand going on a more consistent basis, whereas Apple suffers from strong seasonality.

– Jan Dawson, analyst at research firm Ovum
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