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  1. Rob Smith: ITV Granada correspondent

Appeal court judges return to deliver Nightingale verdict

The appeal court judges have returned to deliver their ruling on the case of Sgt Danny Nightingale.

The judges have turned to his 18-month sentence. They say they can deal with that today.

The Lord Chief Justice said Danny Nightingale was a "quiet, tough and calm soldier" who saw service in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

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Sally Nightingale hands petition to Royal Courts of Justice

Sally Nightingale outside the Royal Courts of Justice before handing in a petition for his release signed by 85,000 people Credit: Andrew Matthews / PA Wire

Sally Nightingale handed a petition signed by more than 100,000 people to the Royal Courts of Justice today asking them to quash her husband's 18-month sentence for illegally possessing a pistol.

This afternoon lawyers representing her husband Sergeant Danny Nightingale are due to ask appeal judges to analyse the case.

Sally Nightingale and supporters from 38 degrees outside the Royal Courts of Justice today Credit: Andrew Matthews / PA Wire


Nightingale: 'I hold no faith in the military court system'

Danny Nightingale Credit: ITV News

The SAS soldier detained for being in possession given to him as a present has told Channel 4 News he feels "let down by the system."

Speaking earlier today, Danny Nightingale said:

"It's hard, I now fully sympathise with the caged animal when you go to the zoo and see it pacing up and down and up and down against the side of a wall, that's pretty much where I am at the moment.

"I certainly hold absolutely no faith in the military court martial system."

SAS sniper 'overwhelmed by public support'

Danny Nightingale, the SAS sniper jailed for illegally a pistol, has issued a statement in which he says he has been overwhelmed by public support.

I spoke to Sally who was very emotional but happy about the early appeal.

I have been trained to prepare for the worst so cannot allow myself to get optimistic about how things may unfold.

I remain overwhelmed by the public support - I've written thank you notes to over 200 people who have sent letters to me.

I obviously want to be back with my family as soon as possible but realise this is now a matter for the court next week.

– Danny Nightingale
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