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Scotland can 'avoid the earthquake' of market instablity

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander travelled to Scotland to answer questions about the economy before the vote on independence.

He said: "Market instability, uncertainty is one of the consequences fro Scotland of becoming independent and its not surprise that that reality is starting to impinge. These is you like are the tremors. We can avoid the earthquake."

ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler reports

Independent Scotland 'would have to apply to join Nato'

An independent Scotland would have to apply to join Nato as a new state, the head of the defence alliance has said.

Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said any decision to accept a new country would require the unanimous agreement of all 28 member states.

The Union flag and Scotland's Saltire.
Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said an independent Scotland would have to apply to join Nato as a new state. Credit: REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

"In [the] case that Scotland voted in favour of independence then Scotland would have to apply for membership of Nato as a new independent state," he told The Times (£).

"Some aspiring countries have waited for many years. Others enjoy a very short procedure depending on how close they are to fulfilling the necessary criteria," Mr Rasmussen added.


Large, white HGV seen at closed service station

A reporter for Chard and Ilminster News has tweeted this photo purporting to show the closed service station at Southfield roundabout.

A large heavy goods vehicle can be seen in the background surrounded by police and ambulances.


The scene at Southfields Roundabout services. Police cordoned off a HGV. Appears to be around 20 people inside it.


Independent Scotland 'to bring new broadcaster'

An independent Scotland will create a new public service broadcaster, founded on the staff and assets of BBC Scotland and funded by the current licence fee, according to the Scottish Government.

It has set out plans to set up the Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS), offering content for television, radio and online. It states that the licence fee, which currently funds the BBC, will remain unchanged under independence.

BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London.
BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London. Credit: PA

Viewers and listeners should also continue to have access to all their current channels, its White Paper says. The new SBS will inherit a proportionate share of the BBC's commercial ventures totalling around £13 million as well as receiving licence fee revenue from Scotland to the tune of £320 million.

A formal relationship between the SBS and the BBC is proposed where SBS will continue to supply the BBC with programming in return for access to BBC services across Scotland.


Salmond criticises Abbott's 'foolish' comments

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has criticised comments from the Australian prime minister as "foolish".

In an interview with The Times, Tony Abbott said it was "hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland".

PA Wire
First Minister Alex Salmond has hit out at Tony Abbott's interview comments. Credit: PA Wire

But Salmond said the comments were "offensive to the Scottish people".

"They are foolish, actually, because of the way he said it," Salmond told BBC Scotland.

"To say the people of Scotland who supported independence weren't friends of freedom or justice, I mean, the independence process is about freedom and justice."

Read: Australia PM says Yes vote is not in world's interest

Australian PM: Yes vote 'not in the world's interest'

Australia's prime minister has warned that an independent Scotland would not be in the best interests of the international community.

Tony Abbott, left, and UK Minister Philip Hammond.
Credit: Reuters

Tony Abbott, elected the Commonwealth country's 28th prime minister last year, became the latest international leader to wade into the debate after US president Barack Obama said his administration had a "deep interest" in ensuring the United Kingdom remained united.

Mr Abbott, who spent two years at the University of Oxford, told the Times: "What the Scots do is a matter for the Scots and not for a moment do I presume to tell Scottish voters which way they should vote.

"But as a friend of Britain, as an observer from afar, it's hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland.

Scottish immigration centre detainee tested for Ebola

A detainee at an immigration centre in Scotland has been tested for the deadly Ebola virus, NHS Lanarkshire told STV.

The female detainee at Dungavel Detention Centre was taken to the infectious diseases unit at Monklands General Hospital yesterday for the tests, the report states.

A microscopic view of the Ebola virus.
A microscopic view of the Ebola virus. Credit: PA Wire

She is believed to be in her 30s and from Sierra Leone, where hundreds of people have died since the Ebola outbreak.

An NHS Lanarkshire spokesman said it was a "precautionary measure" and that it was "highly unlikely" the patient would test positive for Ebola.

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