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Strachan disappointed with Georgia defeat but insists Scotland will bounce back

Strachan's side lost in Georgia. Credit: PA

Gordon Strachan pointed out that setbacks are inevitable on the road to success after a 1-0 defeat in Georgia dented his Scotland side's hopes of reaching Euro 2016.

A 37th-minute strike by Valeri Kazaishvili, coupled with Republic of Ireland's win over Gibraltar, saw Scotland slip to fourth place in Group D.

The Scotland manager said: "When you're trying to achieve something, and it's happened a lot throughout my career, there is a target you are trying to get to. It never runs smoothly. Something happens on the way to that target.

"So we keep that in mind. It's not the first team it's happened in our careers. So keep that in mind.

"It doesn't take away from the disappointment now, this moment in time. I'm hugely disappointed.

"But I'm hugely disappointed for the players. They are trying to do the right things.

"Unfortunately it wasn't our night. Like a golfer who plays some good stuff and just misses the putt, we were a couple of feet away from some good moves."

Sturgeon: 'Arrogant' Osborne pre-empting Trident decision

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon has criticised a £500 million investment in the home of the UK's nuclear deterrent as "Tory arrogance of the worst kind".

Ms Sturgeon said it was wrong of Chancellor George Osborne to pre-empt the outcome of a vote on the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent, which is due to be decided by MPs next year.

The SNP leader said that while she wanted to see Faslane have a strong future as a conventional naval yard, the money should be invested in health and education and used to reverse "cruel" welfare cuts.


Head of Police Scotland announces resignation

Sir Stephen House will step down in three months. Credit: SWNS

The head of Police Scotland Sir Stephen House has announced he will step down in three months time.

It comes after a number of high profile incidents in which the force were criticised for their handling.

One such case was that of John Yuill and Lamara Bell, who lay undiscovered for three days after a car crash in July.

Miss Bell was said to still be alive when help finally came but she died later in hospital. Mr Yuill died at the scene.

It was later revealed an experienced official had failed to log a call from a member of the public who had spotted the crash.

Fifteen people treated after leisure centre chemical leak

Firefighters wearing hazmat suit have been seen going in and out of the centre. Credit: Susan Nicholson/Twitter

Around 15 people have been treated by medical teams at the East Sands Leisure Centre after a suspected chemical leak.

Firefighters wearing hazmat suit have been seen going in and out of the centre in St Andrews following the incident, which was reported at around 1pm.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said: "We are responding with multiple ambulances and a special operations team to reports of people showing symptoms of exposure to a chemical leak."

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, which has six crews and a decontamination team at the scene, said about 15 people had been treated for "minor breathing irritation".

Scottish Labour pledges 'fresh start' on business

New Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale is to pledge a "fresh start" to the relationship between the party and business leaders, encouraging investment in education and skills.

Kezia Dugdale, the new Scottish Labour leader, will call for a fresh start between the party and business Credit: PA

Meeting with leading industry figures in Glasgow today, Ms Dugdale is expected to say that tackling inequality in schools is the key to securing Scotland's economic future.

This can be done, she will add, by giving students from all backgrounds an equal chance to compete for vital jobs in the finance, IT, science, engineering and low carbon technology sectors.

For too many kids in Scotland today how much money their parents earn determines their ability to get on in life, rather than their potential, work rate and ambition.

That's not just holding young people back, it's bad for business and Scotland's economy. Investing in education and skills today will pay dividends in the decades to come.

– Kezia Dugdale planned speech
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