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Text errors see selfie donations 'reach wrong charity'

Cancer Research received £2m in just two days thanks to the social media craze.

Thousands of pounds donated during the #nomakeupselfie craze was accidentally sent to the wrong charity, according to a report.

The BBC said that more than £18,000 had been erroneously given to Unicef rather than Cancer Research by people who had texted the word 'DONATE' rather than 'BEAT'.

Other charitable selfie-takers had accidentally auto-corrected the word 'BEAT' to 'BEAR' and in turn received a response from a wildlife charity thanking them for enquiring about adopting a polar bear.

Unicef told the BBC they were working on passing the misdirected donations on to Cancer Research.


Breast Cancer Campaign raises £140k from selfies

Breast Cancer Campaign says it has received more than £140,000 in donations following the online 'no make-up selfie' campaign.

Cancer charities are reporting a spike in donations following the online campaign. Credit: ITV News

Other cancer charities have also noticed a spike in donations following the campaign, including Cancer Research UK, which has received £2 million in the past 24 hours.

James Elliot Head of Digital Engagement at Breast Cancer Campaign said: "‘Breast Cancer Campaign has continued to see donations roll in as a result of the #nomakeupselfie campaign.

"We couldn’t be more delighted, this campaign demonstrates the powerful impact that social media can have in raising awareness of breast cancer.

"Without it we wouldn’t have received over £140,000 to spend on life-saving research. We thank everyone who has got involved so far and urge everyone who is thinking of taking part to remember to donate by texting CURE to 70660"

'No make-up selfies' lead to £2m charity donations

'No make-up selfies' have now prompted £2 million to be donated to Cancer Research UK.

The internet craze, which has gained momentum on social media in the UK in the last week, involves women taking photographs of themselves without make-up, posting them online, making a donation to charity and nominating others to do the same.

Other cancer charities have also seen a rise in donations following the campaign.

On Thursday Cancer Research UK revealed they had received £1 million in donations off the back of the trend in just 24 hours. Today they tweeted:


US man, 65, aims to beat Oscars selfie retweet record

A 65-year-old man from Texas is hoping his equivalent to Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie will become the most retweeted post on the social network site.

Terry Shipman had just five followers when he tweeted this picture with his two dogs:

It now has over 145,000 retweets - a long way from Ellen's three million record.

He told NBC's Today show: "I took that photograph, tweeted it to my son, then he and his roommate retweeted it a couple times, and then their phones started blowing up...I was just totally amazed. It was just kind of as a lark,” he said.

But now a cruise company from his hometown have offered him a holiday if he can reach 1.5 million retweets. They have also started the hashtag #sendterrytotheislands to get him there.

Terry also revealed: "I have to silence my phone because it’s just constantly going off.”

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