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Soca website still down

Soca have confirmed that their website continues to be offline following a hacking attempt.

A spokesman stressed that the attack did not pose any operational threat.

The action was taken to limit the impact of a DDOS attack on other clients hosted by our service provider.

Soca's website contains only publicly available information and does not provide access to operational material.

DDOS attacks cause temporary inconvenience to website visitors but they do not pose any security risk to the organisation.

Soca does not consider it to be a proportionate response, or a responsible use of taxpayers' money, to maintain excessive bandwidth on the off-chance of a DDOS attack on a public-facing website.

No security risk from SOCA cyber attack

Soca logo
Soca deny the cyber attack posed any security risk Credit: Soca

A Soca spokesman said the distributed denial of service attack (DDOS), which involves web addresses being hit by a flood of visits, did "not pose any security risk to the organisation".

Previous DDOS attacks have been linked to the loose-knit international "hacktivist" group Anonymous.


Wanted gang leader back behind bars

An international search had been going for months after Kirk Bradley escaped from a prison van with Anthony Downes while en route for trial.

Downes was also arrested in Holland and is fighting extradition proceedings after both were convicted in their absence earlier this year.

Kirk Bradley was arrested in Amsterdam after being on the run.
Kirk Bradley was arrested in Amsterdam after being on the run. Credit: Press Association

Ian Milne, head of European operations for the Serious Organised Crime Agency, said: "Like his partner in crime Anthony Downes discovered only a few weeks ago, there is no such place as a safe haven.

"Kirk Bradley was shocked when officers burst through the door of his luxury apartment in Amsterdam. He had no idea we were on to him.

Anthony Downes is fighting his extradition from Holland.
Anthony Downes is fighting his extradition from Holland. Credit: Press Association

"Joint working with Merseyside Police and the Amsterdam police has led to the capture of these two violent and dangerous individuals.

"They are now back behind bars where they belong. This shows that criminals who flee to other countries are not beyond our reach."

Wanted gang leader held in Holland

One of the UK's most wanted crimelords has been captured in Holland.

Kirk Bradley, who had been on the run since fleeing a Manchester prison van last July, was arrested with his uncle in Amsterdam last night, the Serious Organised Crime Agency said.

He is expected to be returned to the UK to serve a life jail term for leading an underworld gang responsible for a series of shootings, and leaving a hand grenade on the front wall of Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish's home.



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