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Deadly Sheffield house fire 'severe'

The house fire that left two women and three children dead was "severe", a spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said.

He said: "Our investigators are arriving here at 9am, so we we will know more later on this morning."

The fire occurred on Wake Road, Sharrow, south of the city centre of Sheffield Credit: Google Maps


Police 'unable to confirm' Sheffield house fire source

Police are investigating the causes of a house fire in Sheffield that claimed the lives of two women and three children during the early hours of Monday morning.

Wake Road, lined with cars on each side, was cordoned off by police tape this morning. Credit: Calendar

A police spokesperson said the damaged building was believed to be a terraced house, and that "at this stage we are not able to confirm where in the house the fire broke out or if anyone else was injured".

Two women and three children dead in Sheffield fire

South Yorkshire Fire Service have issued a statement about the house fire in Sheffield which has claimed the lives of five people, including three children.

Five people have sadly died following a serious house fire on Wake Road, Sharrow, Sheffield. The people who died are believed to be two adult females and three young children.

Four fire engines- from Central, Rivelin, Lowedges and Mansfield Road stations- plus an aerial ladder platform dealt with the incident alongside the police and ambulance services, after a 999 call was received at around 12.15am. An investigation has commenced, involving police and fire officers, to establish the cause of the fire.

South Yorkshire fire service confirms Sheffield deaths

South Yorkshire Fire Service have confirmed that five people have died following a house fire in Sheffield.

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BREAKING: Five people have died after Sheffield fire

Five people die in the fire Credit: Calendar

Five people have died following a serious fire at a house in Sheffield. The blaze broke out in Sharrow early this morning.

The people who died are believed to be two adult females and three young children. An investigation has commenced, involving police and fire officers, to establish the cause of the fire.


Clegg demands 'full explanation' after 'farcical' race

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called for a "full explanation" into the "farcical" events of the Sheffield half-marathon.

Read: Half-marathon cancelled due to 'insufficient water'

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Credit: Press Association

The event was cancelled at the least minute due to water supply issues, but some runners continued anyway, and members of the public supplied water for them.

Read: Public water support for runners who defied race ban

Mr Clegg said:

"Everyone involved deserves a full explanation of how this farcical situation was allowed to happen. Sheffield is an outstanding city of sport. The extraordinary scenes today shouldn't tarnish that reputation.

"The fact that runners who had carried on regardless were still well supplied with water thanks to spectators, tells you everything you need to know about Sheffield people."

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Organisers blame health and safety for calling off race

“It is with huge disappointment and regret that we were forced to cancel the 2014 SIG Insulation Sheffield Half Marathon because of a problem with the delivery of water by our suppliers. For health and safety reasons, we were unable to go ahead with race without the required number of water stations throughout the race route. As soon as we learnt of the problem, we did everything in our power to come up with a solution so that the race could go ahead as planned. But, we didn’t want to keep runners and spectators waiting any longer, so we took the decision to call the race off.

“We would like to express our sincerest apologies to everyone involved in the race who has been affected. But we have made the decision based on the best interest of runners and spectators....At this stage we are unable to provide any further information about whether the race will be re-run in the future. With the majority of the race infrastructure in place, many runners decided to run the route as planned. Those who crossed the finish line with their race number will be timed and we will be providing a list of all finishers and their times.”

– Margaret Lilley chairperson Sheffield Half Marathon

Public water support for runners who defied race ban

Several runners have started off on Sheffield's half-marathon despite the announcement that is had been cancelled due to problems over water supply.

Members of the public rallied to hand out water which was purchased at shops to the runners.

A member of the public hands out a bottle of water to the runners. Credit: Neil Tilbrook/Twitter
A man carries a case of bottled water to the race. Credit: Joanne Mathieson/Twitter
Tens of runners continued on with the race regardless of the cancellation. Credit: Joanne Mathieson/Twitter
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