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Growing numbers 'set to struggle with repossession'

Shelter is warning that despite the beginnings of economic recovery, growing numbers of families are still set to struggle financially in the future.

Read: Shelter warning of growing threat of home repossessions

Shelter chief executive Shelter Campbell Rob said the research shows that many families are struggling and continue to be at risk of homelessness:

These staggering figures show just how many families go through the trauma of learning that their home is at risk, every single week.

People are hearing that the economy is recovering, but we’re seeing the reality that many families across the country are still battling to keep their heads above water and keep their homes. Just one thing such as a job loss or serious illness can tip any of us in to a downward spiral that puts our home at risk.

London households at highest risk of repossession

Households in London are at highest risk of having their home repossessed, new figures from Shelter show.

In London one in every 54 homes are at risk, the charity says. The top ten areas are as follows:

  • Newham, London, where 2,944 households are at risk
  • Barking and Dagenham, London, 1,975 households are at risk
  • Southwark, London, 3,138 households are at risk
  • Hackney, London, 2460 households are at risk
  • Haringey, London, 2459 households are at risk
  • Brent, London, 2643 households are at risk
  • Lewisham, London, 2,643 households are at risk
  • Greenwich, London, 2,608 households are at risk
  • Waltham Forest, London, 2,115 households are at risk
  • Croydon, London, where 2,970 households are at risk

Shelter warns of growing threat of home repossessions

Housing charity Shelter is warning that a growing number of households across the UK are facing the threat of home repossession.

215,000 homes across the UK are at risk of eviction or repossession. Credit: PA

Their study, based on government figures, has revealed that more than 215,000 homes are at risk of eviction or repossession, the equivalent of 4,140 households threatened each week.

Housing charity slams 'devastating' rent rises

Shelter has described the latest figures on rent prices as "devastating news" for renters.

As more people are priced out of home ownership and waiting lists grow longer, too many families are being left trapped in the unstable and expensive private rental market.

Every day Shelter hears from people who are having to cut back on essentials as they struggle to pay their rent each month. With wages flat-lining, the fact that rents have reached record highs means that even more people will find it harder and harder to make ends meet.

We need the Government to fix our rental market to provide more security and get on with building many more genuinely affordable homes.

– Roger Harding, Shelter's director of campaigns, policy and communications


Housing charity urge Govt to ditch Help to Buy scheme

The Government should ditch its new Help to Buy scheme because two-thirds of Britons do not want house prices to rise, housing charity Shelter said.

Housing charity Shelter wants the government to ditch the new scheme. Credit: PA

Some 66% of 4,500 people surveyed this month want prices to fall or remain stable rather than another period of "boom and bust", the charity said.

Despite some recent surveys suggesting that rising house prices are improving the mood of consumer confidence, Shelter's findings show that Britons are finding the idea of escalating prices a turn-off.

In June, 58% ofpeople wanted to see prices remain stable or fall when surveyed, meaning there has been an 8% increase in those wary over prices, Shelter's figures suggest.

Shelter argued that the Help to Buy mortgage scheme, which allows those with a deposit as low as 5% to get on the property ladder, is the "wrong solution" to the country's housing problems as it will only encourage people to take on more debt with bigger mortgages.

Government claim 'repossessions have fallen'

The Government has denied that the number of repossession claims across England have increased, insisting the numbers have fallen over the past 12 months.

The charity Shelter, who released the figures, warned that families were "living on a knife-edge".

However, a Government spokesman denied the claims saying:

Latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders show the numbers of home repossessions haven fallen 8% over the past 12 months and are at their lowest level for six years.

But we are not complacent. Our welfare reforms are ensuring that clear protection is in place, we've maintained the Support for Mortgage Interest scheme and our £470 million funding to councils means we continue to have a strong safety net against homelessness.

Homelessness charity: 'Families living on a knife-edge'

An increased number of families are finding themselves "living on a knife-edge" as they struggle to cope with the rising cost of living, a leading charity has warned.

Figures released by the charity Shelter show the number of repossession claims across England has increased.

As many as one home in every street in some places of England are at risk of being repossessed, Shelter has warned Credit: PA Wire

The chief executive of Shelter, Campbell Robb, said: "This research shows that thousands of families all over England are dealing with the devastating possibility of losing their home. In some places as many as one home in every street is now at risk."

"With less job security and the rising cost of living and housing these days, many more families are finding themselves living on a knife-edge. Just one thing, like a job loss or illness, could tip them into a spiral that puts their home at risk."

Increased repossession claims 'threaten families'

As many as one home in every street in some places of England are at risk of being repossessed, a leading housing and homelessness charity has said.

The number of possession claims across England has increased, according to figures released by Shelter.

The number of possession claims across England has increased, Shelter said. Credit: PA Wire

Between July last year and June the biggest increase in possession and eviction claims was recorded in Richmondshire, North Yorkshire, rocketing by 80.3%.

Newham in East London has the highest number of homes at risk of being repossessed, at one in every 35.

The charity said unemployment and the cost of living were leaving many households on a "knife-edge".

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