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Ebola in Sierra Leone 'a bush fire raging out of control'

The head of the UN's Ebola mission has compared the disease in Sierra Leone to "a bush fire raging out of control".

But the country's president, Ernest Bai Koromo, has told ITV News in a rare interview that his government is "getting a grip" on the deadly virus.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports from Freetown, Sierra Leone:


Remorseless spread of Ebola results in deaths every hour

Britain's response to the spread of Ebola in west Africa stepped up as a team of 120 army medics touched down in Sierra Leone.

They join 40 British soldiers already deployed there - with many more due to arrive next month.

As the World Health Organisation confirmed the number of recorded deaths from the virus will pass 4,500 this week, ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports on the crisis in Africa:

Army medics arrive to help fight Ebola in Sierra Leone

British army medics have arrived in Sierra Leone to provide medical support in the fight against the Ebola epidemic in west Africa.

Around 120 troops have been engaging in exercises to simulate the conditions they will face in Sierra Leone.

Around 750 British troops are expected to be deployed to Sierra Leone over the coming months as part of the country's response to the outbreak of the potentially deadly virus.


Oxfam: Prevention of new Ebola cases must be a priority

Oxfam has called for a greater focus on the prevention of new Ebola cases in West Africa in addition to managing existing cases and fatalities.

The charity says that many new Ebola cases are due to a "lack of access to basic washing facilities or because of their lack of knowledge about how the disease is spread".

It plans to triple its programmes in Sierra Leone and Liberia to provide water and hygiene and sanitation supplies, as well as public awareness campaigns.

We must break the chain of infection by equipping people with the means to protect themselves from contracting this deadly disease in the first place.

– Jane Cocking, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Director

Sierra Leone sees one of the deadliest days of Ebola after 121 deaths

A health worker checks the temperature of a woman. Credit: Reuters

Sierra Leone has seen one of the most deadly days since the start of the Ebola outbreak after 121 people died and scores of new infections were diagnosed yesterday.

The figures, which covered the period through Saturday, put the total number of deaths at 678, up from 557 the day before. The daily statistics compiled by Sierra Leone's Emergency Operations Centre also showed 81 new cases of the hemorrhagic fever.

More than 50 new Ebola cases in Sierra Leone lockdown

More than 50 new cases found in Sierra Leone Ebola lockdown Credit: Reuters

At least 56 new cases and 92 bodies have been discovered in Sierra Leone's Ebola lock down.

There is a "very strong possibility" the national curfew will be extended beyond the scheduled finish later today, an emergency official has said.

Sierra Leone is staging a three-day lockdown aimed at stemming the worst Ebola epidemic on record.

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