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50ft-deep hole closes 10-mile stretch of busy M2

A 10-mile section of a busy motorway has been closed in both directions after a huge, 50ft-deep hole appeared in the central reservation.

Long tailbacks built up after the M2 in north Kent was shut between junction 5 near Sittingbourne and junction 6 south of Faversham.

The Highways Agency said the hole measured 16ft (5m) by 6ft (2m) and was 50ft (15m) deep.


Sinkhole swallows car on driveway in Buckinghamshire

A sinkhole measuring 30ft deep has opened up on the driveway of a house, swallowing a parked car in Walter's Ash, Buckinghamshire.

According to Bucks Free Press, watch manager Stuart Grosse said: “We get few calls of this nature, mainly in the south of the county. Historically, holes have appeared in the area due to clay mining.”

Firefighters were called to a sinkhole that was 30ft deep and15ft in diameter. Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Firefighters were called to the incident early this morning, and have since placed a cordon around the house.

The matter has been passed to Wycombe District Council to decide what steps to take next.

The sinkhole swallowed a parked car in the driveway of a house in Main Road, Walter's Ash. Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Massive sinkhole opens in the Peak District

A massive sinkhole has opened over old mine workings in the Peak District.

Local caver Mark Noble who filmed video of the hole told ITV News: "There are old mine workings directly below the sinkhole with huge cavities left, where the old mine was extracting lead centuries ago.

"The modern Milldam Mine is working at a much greater depth in the area of the sinkhole, but its collapse does not appear to have had a great impact on the mine."

Massive sinkhole swallows three cars in Chicago

A driver was injured when a 40-foot sinkhole swallowed three cars on a residential street in the US city of Chicago today.

Three cars slid into the sinkhole and a fourth was towed from the edge Credit: EBU

Witnesses said the man was trying to drive his car around the hole when the road gave way, the Chicago Tribune newspaper reported. He suffered minor head injuries.

The sinkhole opened up after a water main broke in the South Deering neighborhood of the city, the paper said.

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