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Britain 'on edge of a serious housing crisis'

The Citizens Advice Bureau has warned that the UK is "on the edge of a serious housing crisis" after releasing data on the increase in cases it has dealt with relating to rent arrears and threatened homelessness.

There are simply not enough homes to meet need and the result is yet more pressure on household budgets.

...The emerging trend of increasing social housing arrears is extremely worrying.

Cases of arrears are up across every region of England, with the Midlands and parts of the North showing the starkest deterioration.

Prices which far outstrip incomes and the damaging impact of high food and energy bills make paying rent simply impossible for many people.

– Gillian Guy, Citizens Advice Bureau Chief Executive,

The charity said that the impact of welfare reform is "crucial" and said that recent reforms that have been "rushed in without a proper safety net in place".

Figures on increase in social housing rent arrears

In the second quarter of this year, Citizens Advice Bureau gave advice on:

  • 22,412 issues about social housing rent arrears - a 13 per cent increase on the same period last year
  • 2,840 issues about possessions claims due to rent arrears in the social housing sector - a 38 per cent increase on the same period last year
  • 2,736 issues about threatened homelessness in social housing - a 12 per cent increase on the same period last year
  • 3,307 issues about Discretionary Housing Payments - a 110 per cent increase on the same period last year.

Of all the charity's clients advised about debt issues:

  • 45 per cent are social tenants
  • 31 per cent are private tenants
  • 20 per cent are buying their home
  • 5 per cent own their home outright.

Homelessness threat 'rising for social tenants'

Social housing tenants are facing an increased threat of homelessness, the Citizen's Advice Bureau has warned, after cases of rent arrears cases reported to the charity rose 13 per cent from July to September this year.

Social housing rent arrears cases reported from July to September increased by 13 per cent since the same period last year. Credit: PA

Citizens Advice warned that despite growing confidence in the UK's economic recovery, households are not yet feeling the benefit of the improved economic outlook.

It suggested that the impact of the Under-Occupancy Penalty, combined with changes to Council Tax support, has contributed heavily to rent arrears problems

Instances of Citizens Advice Bureaux advising clients about Discretionary Housing Payments, to help people pay their rent, have more than doubled in the six months since April this year when the charge for under-occupancy was introduced.


Chris Bryant criticises social housing report

Labour MP Chris Bryant has criticised the latest report on social housing from think-tank Policy Exchange on Twitter.

Labour: Social housing sale proposals 'process of erosion'

Labour MP Karen Buck told BBC Radio 4 that social housing proposals outlined by influential think-tank Policy Exchange will force lower income families out of more affluent areas creating segregated communities of rich and poor.

The MP who represents Westminster North said:

Effectively the outcome [of what is proposed] is to reduce the stock of properties for lower income households, many of whose communities have lived there forever, in favour of an inflated, overseas, money driven housing market.

It's a process of erosion, quite dramatic erosion, because we would be getting rid of another third of all social housing from these communities over the course a decade... properties that already exist.

– Labour MP Karen Buck

Prescott criticises 'unworkable and idiotic' housing plans

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