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Runaway mum's family 'focusing' on getting Ethan back

The family of a mother who went on the run for almost three weeks with her young son have said they are "focusing" on trying to win back custody of the child after the missing mum handed herself over to police.

Rebecca Minnock, 35, disappeared from her home in Somerset, with son Ethan after a judge ruled he should live with his father and remained in hiding for 17 days before finally turning herself in today.

Minnock's sister Limmie Shaw said her side of the three-year-old's family were now "fully focused on getting Ethan back with his mum".

ITV News reporter Peter Smith reports on today's return of Ethan to his father:

Missing Ethan 'safely back' in the care of his father

A three-year-old boy who was missing with his mother for more than two weeks is now "safely back" in the care of his father.

Rebecca Minnock, 35, went on the run from her home in Highbridge, Somerset, with Ethan for 17 days after a court ruled that her son should live with his father, Roger Williams

Rebecca Minnock had disappeared with her son, Ethan Williams.

Mr Williams said this morning, "Ethan is safely back in my care now."

A police spokesman said no arrests had been made following the return of mother and son.

"This will be a matter for the family courts now," the spokesman added.

Mum who ran away to escape custody row hands herself in

After almost three weeks in hiding, a women who went missing with her three-year-old son amidst a bitter custody battle has handed herself over to police.

Rebecca Minnock, who was in Oxford, gave herself up to officers tonight, after telling the Daily Mail she had run away because she felt "trapped" by a judge's decision to award full custody to her son Ethan Williams' father.

ITV News reporter Peter Smith has the story:


Police thank public for help in search for mother and son

Police have thanked members of the public and the media who helped in the search for missing mother Rebecca Minnock and her three-year-old son Ethan Williams.

Miss Minnock, who had been staying in the Oxford area, has now handed herself over to officers.

This is the news we had been hoping for and I am grateful to Becky for coming forward.

Both Becky and Ethan will now receive the support they need and the appropriate welfare arrangements will be made.

I would like to thank the public and the media for their assistance throughout this investigation.

– DCI Marie Wright, Avon and Somerset Police

Runaway mum: I felt going into hiding was my only choice

A mother who went on the run for almost three weeks with her young son has said she had felt "trapped" by a court's decision to award custody to the boy's father.

A judge had ruled Ethan Williams, three, should live full time with his father Roger Williams, and that Rebecca Minnock should only be allowed supervised contact after she made a series of false allegations against her former partner.

Rebecca Minnock handed herself in tonight Credit: Daily Mail

A child psychiatrist, a social worker and a court-appointed guardian all agreed with the judgement - but, on the morning of a court hearing on May 27 when Mr Williams was due to take on full custody, Miss Minnock went into hiding.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said:

It was a huge decision, I did feel trapped at the time. I just looked at my son that morning and I just couldn't hand him over. I just felt that was all I could do at the time, was run away.

My only regret would be the trouble that my family have gotten into, and all the time, the police effort and time that I've wasted.

Obviously, everyone has been concerned, but we've both been absolutely fine.

– Rebecca Minnock

Mother's disappearance was 'plan to win public support'

A mother ran away with her three-year-old son as part of a calculated plan to win public support and overturn a judge's decision to award his father full custody, it was claimed today.

Andrew Butt, the partner of Rebecca Minnock's mother who drove her to Cheltenham on the day she went missing, told Bristol Crown Court that the plan was to use the pair's time in hiding to drum up interest in the ongoing battle over where Ethan should live.

Butt and Rebecca's mother Louise were both jailed for lying over their disappearance.

ITV News reporter Peter Smith was in court:

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